Godtear! Ready… FIGHT!


The Godtear miniatures game has been in the works for quite some time. From ‘blue sky’ brainstormed ideas to multiple, wildly different prototype versions to the Early Access released just a few weeks ago, Godtear has already traveled a long and winding road. The Early Access game was by no means a pre-sale of a completed game, however. Within just weeks leading up to its public unveiling, the Champion classes were substantially reworked. Within just days before it reached your hands, the Recruit action was added to the game as a brand new gameplay element.

The Early Access for Godtear is very much a testbed for where the game is now and where it needs to go from here. Your assistance in this endeavour is much appreciated, but we also appreciate your patience and understanding as elements of the game continue to change with your help. With hundreds of Early Access players out there, it’s impossible to reach a single form that will suit every player perfectly, but rest assured that we’re listening intently to the feedback you’ve provided and weighing it against all of the other feedback we receive.

During the first few weeks of Early Access, we asked Early Access players to focus their feedback on the rulebook and on the core systems of Godtear. The time will certainly come to dig deeper into each Champion, but we can (and should) only do so once we’ve established a firm foundation upon which to build.

Your feedback alongside our continued internal testing and development led us to an important conclusion…

The combat system wasn’t as robust as other aspects of gameplay.


So we began examining the combat system for small tweaks that would resolve some of our concerns and were unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion. This led us to consider ever bigger changes to how combat works in Godtear.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, we’ve dug deep into the development toolbox for an in-depth analysis of the strengths and, just as importantly, the weaknesses within tonnes of different miniatures games past and present. We also kept the core identity of Godtear firmly in mind. What works for one game is by no means the right solution for all games.

This analysis led to internal testing of multiple different combat systems last week with two systems rising to the top.

This past Saturday at the Godtear Early Access event at Steamforged Games HQ, we tested both systems throughout the day and gathered feedback from the players.

Long story… well… still rather long, we have a winner!


In this week’s Early Access update, you will find extensive changes to the combat system for Godtear. In fact, the ‘Using Skills’ page of our Word document rulebook is a sea of red text if you turn on ‘Track Changes.’

So what does this mean for Early Access players?

Well, for one thing, all of the dice (except for boon/blight dice) have been consolidated into a single type of die. The combat system itself has grown slightly more complex, but with just a single type of die, it’s quicker than ever to find the dice you need for any given roll.

We’ve also reworked the class rules to reflect the new combat system. Each class’s Champions should still have a distinct role, but the changes to the combat system necessitated some significant tweaks here as well.

You’ll also find that nimble Champions and sturdy Champions feel more distinct than they did previously. Attacks are more likely to miss those nimble Champions, but if they do hit, they’ll feel the full force of the blow (unlike in the previous version where Dodge dice reduced the damage suffered).

Please be sure to read the ‘Using Skills’ page thoroughly, but the gist of the system is that the target makes a roll to set the difficulty for the Skill. The model using the skill then makes a hit roll to determine if they hit or miss. Then, if they hit, they roll damage.


Over the next week, we hope that you’ll have a chance to test these changes. Be sure to leave any preconceptions at the door because it’s a whole new day in the world of Godtear.

Do not get hung up on Champion balance this week because those Champions are still in the process of evolving to fit this new system.

Instead, please focus on these foundational questions:

  • Did any part of the new ‘Using Skills’ section of the rulebook cause confusion?
  • How did using Skills in this version work on the tabletop?
  • What questions arose when trying to use Skills in the current ruleset?
  • Did the different Champion classes have a unique feel and play style?
  • What questions arose regarding the new class rules?
  • What questions arose regarding the current wording of boons and blights?
  • What other core game-rule questions do you have at this time?

Thanks, and have fun!