Godtear - Who's it for?

Godtear is coming! The Early Access kit for this new miniatures game is available now.

When a new game comes along, it’s difficult to know what to expect. Sure, it’s easy to look at the visuals and read the soundbites, but games are so diverse and so varied that such things barely scratch the surface. Over a series of blog articles, we’d like to scratch through that surface a bit to show you what lies beneath. We’ll definitely dig deeper into the Champions that feature heavily in this character-driven miniatures game. We’ll also look more closely at the unique turn structure that combines elements of pitched battle games with elements of alternating-activation skirmish games. We’ll also provide ongoing information about how the game continues to grow throughout the Early Access programme.

In this very first blog of the series, however, we want to focus on who this game is for. It’s easy to get caught up in the rules and mechanics, but we really want to begin at the beginning – Who should get excited about Godtear?

The world of miniatures wargaming typically showcases a very different culture from other corners of the gaming world. Miniatures wargames tend to be extremely codified with their extensive charts, detailed lists of rules, and frequent exceptions that can read like a legal contract.

For Godtear, we wanted to step away from the legal contract styling and get back to the social contract of friends sitting down to have fun at the gaming table. We don’t have rules explicitly telling you what information you have to share with your opponent and when. We don’t have rules telling you to randomise who is right and wrong when you disagree.

This move away from traditional miniatures game rules writing means that Godtear isn’t just a game for folks with years and years of miniatures gaming experience. The rulebook is written in an accessible fashion, and we’ve kept the rules as short as we can while still delivering plenty of design space for memorable characters and epic action.

Don’t get us wrong. Godtear is for wargamers. Our turn structure and Champion roster will get the wheels turning when it comes to building a cool warband and outsmarting your opponent on the battlefield.

On top of that, though, Godtear is for board gamers. The final components in terms of miniatures, dice, board, etc. will complement the rulebook very well as an enticing and accessible board game experience. (Note that the current ‘Early Access’ components are more hobby-oriented than the final components will be.)

Card Gamers will also appreciate Godtear. So many modern card games focus on cool card combinations and interactions. That same focus features heavily when choosing which Champions to add to your warband and how to make the most of their Skills.

And while it won’t be for all role-playing gamers… Many role-playing gamers will also dig Godtear. The world is rich with varied fantasy races and unique characters with their own storylines and their own sense of progression as you play more and more games.

So, while we can’t legitimately claim that Godtear is for all gamers out there, we’re confident that its broad appeal means that this particular game system is not just for hardcore wargamers but a far broader cross-section of gamers.

Godtear. Tell your friends.


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