Goodie Bags at the British Championship!

With the British Championships, which takes place on August 12 and 13 at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre (as we spoke about here), quickly approaching, we thought it might be about time to reveal a little more about the goodie bag that every participant will receive.

Every person who registers in person at the event either on Friday 11 August or the morning of Saturday 12 August will receive a championship goodie bag.  Inside of which, will be numerous items for each recipient to claim as their own. Inside, each attendee will find the following:

  • 1x Random chibi-style season 1 captain player card.
  • 1x Random resin Guild Ball miniature (this could be anything from Scum to Veteran Katalyst!).
  • 1x 2017 National Championship 50mm Goal Token
  • 1x 2017 National Championship Ball Token
  • 1x British National Championship Pin Badge
  • A £5 discount voucher code for use with the Steamforged online store.

The championship ball token that every player shall receive as part of their goodie bag, is shown below. 

…Well?!  Isn’t that pretty?!

With the Mortician guild having won the World Championship in 2016 at the deft hands of Tim Wichniowski, it made sense that the Steamforged Championship Ball for 2017 be a wreathed Mortician emblazoned ball – a reminder to all other guilds the glory that can be had by achieving at the very highest level. 

Want to see your guild glorified on a Championship Ball?  Take a run at ultimate glory!  Tickets to the British Championships are available here, the winner of which will be awarded with an invite to the World Finals, which will take place at SteamCon US over the weekend of 1-3 December.

Want more info?

Our Head of Organised Play, Ed Ball, recently spoke with the Singled Out Podcast regarding the British Championships. Click here to listen!