Graves, Doctor Death



“The others might be crazies, freaks or just plain weird, but the evil one is that bastard Graves. He’s as sane as you or I, but he won’t see you as anything but an experiment, a rat in a maze. No sympathy, no decency, no humanity behind those glasses and that stare. He’s not really here to play Guild Ball I don’t think; he just likes to spear you in the gut and then watch you squirm, see how suffering looks. If you don’t show him enough to his satisfaction, the sadistic swine will twist the blade a bit, make you bleed more until he gets his results. That’s all he’s interested in. Seeing how people hurt and what it does to them. I don’t get a man like that.

I hear back in Raedland he was a Physician, got kicked out of one of the guild houses there. Don’t reckon me that’s too true though, you ever hear of a freelance Sawbones? Me neither. They’re the worst of all the guilds for protecting their interests. More than likely he just kidnapped one and tortured him until he told Graves all he wanted to know. That I can believe. I bet he’d know just how to dispose of the body like, and work some other poor fool into taking the fall. Gods only know why he ended up in Guild Ball. You can tell that he don’t feel no loyalty to his guild, they’re just the one that took him in. Don’t get me wrong, he’s competent on the pitch, but one day I won’t be surprised if he just ups and disappears.

Rumour is he’s already in talks with some of our crew up top about something. That’s some stones he’s got if it’s true. Pretty sure the Spooks wouldn’t take too kindly if they knew. Can’t work out what he’d have to offer us though. I don’t like how little he cares about people, how he might get his hands dirty and not blink an eye, or how much he’s more like one of us than most. If he’s got a secret to share with the guild then that’s none of my business until he makes it that way, and I think he’s too smart to let that be his obituary.

If Graves comes anywhere near my boys, I’ll kick the shit out of him and leave him bleeding in the gutter, you mark my words. We don’t take no off-cuts, and I don’t trust anyone who can change sides like that.” - Ox, Butcher’s Guild Team Captain

Graves is available to order as part of the Master of Puppets – released July 21st