Greyscales, Elder Fisherman



“Greyscales? He’s as old as the game itself, I swear. Can’t ever remember a time when we didn’t see him on the pitch. He’s been the driving force behind his team for years now. Probably the most popular player that the game has, even got some friends in other guilds I think. Tough to not respect a guy with that much history behind him.

The fans love him. You should hear them roar when he runs out there onto the pitch, louder even than it is for the show boaters that shake their arses like Brisket and Harmony. Ain’t never been no time it was ever different either. The Fisherman’s Guild might not always have been the best team out there, but you can always guarantee that thanks to him they get the biggest crowd.

That’s pretty important in this game. A big game means big money for someone and if anyone knows how to make sure they make money, it’s a guild. Word has it that even in the games they don’t win, he’s made the Fisherman’s Guild a pretty penny more than the winners thanks to admission fees alone.

You think that would make him a target, but you’ve gotta catch him first. Like an eel in the reeds that one, the wily bastard. You see a brute like Boar come up behind him, hands poised to grab him by the throat, blink and suddenly Greyscales is gone, leaves them all in the dust.

Never been Captain though, could never work that out. I guess he don’t score very often and he’s not big on wasting other players. P’haps he just loves the game so much he don’t care none if he makes the big time or not. He’s been the first mate for so long, it’s like he’s the unofficial captain anyways. I heard he’s been offered retirement a couple of times now and refused it. Can you imagine? A Guild Ball player gets to be around for long enough to retire, gets offered his due and a happy ever after and then decides he wants to keep putting his neck on the line time after time?

Gotta be something keeping him going. Yeah, I reckon he just wants to be a part of this game more than anything. And I guess if you’re Greyscales, what are you going to do if you haven’t got new bloods to look after, haven’t got someone waiting on you to teach them how to survive out there? Don’t suppose a quiet life would interest you much after all.

Still, I think he’s spent one too many nights out at sea for not taking the easy way out now he’s earned his dues. That’s gotta be a first in this crazy game.” - Brick, Mason’s Guild

Greyscales is availabe to pre-order now as part of The Changing Tide.