Guild Ball - Fan Favourite - Round 2

_Round 2.jpg

Last week saw our first round to find out which mascot is the Fan Favourite! There were some unexpected upsets such as the underdog Wrecker knocking out Marbles, whilst the other results were as expected on the books. 

Can Wrecker claim another scalp and take down Scum? Will Princess be able to stop the tide of support for Salt? You can influence the vote by liking our facebook page and voting on the daily polls at 14:00 GMT

On Thursday we will have our Group 1 winner, and we'll begin with Group 2:

  • Mainspring
  • Mother
  • Flask
  • Naja
  • Coin
  • Strongbox
  • Dirge
  • Vileswarm

Place your bets now on which Mascot will make it through to the final.