Guild Ball: Rookies!!

Hello sports fans! Hope you’re all well on this fine Thursday, today we’re going to cover the Rookie League we ran at our SteamCon event last year and talk about how you can play that League at home!

Rookie League was one of the coolest thing about the SteamCons last year, and thats with some fierce competition. The Rookie League ran all weekend at both SteamCons, and was enormously successful, with hundreds of people taking part, playing with, and progressing their Rookies from new blood fresh off the training pitches to epic champions of their Guild! We knew after seeing the reaction from everyone at the SteamCons that we were onto a winner here, and so we’ve been working since then to bring the Rookie League experience to absolutely everyone, not just SteamCon attendees. You may have seen the Rookie models go up for sale yesterday and have been wondering how this Rookie League works (and if not, take a look at these frickin’ cool models right here: #praiseruss

Well wonder no further…

From Small Acorns…

When your gaming group plays a Rookie League, each coach will be able to track the progress of one player in their chosen Guild from newbie all the way up to team superstar. For instance, a coach who wants to play the Brewer’s Guild will be able to follow the story of Mash from the first day he joined the Guild. Over the course of the League Mash will grow in strength and skill, unlocking powerful new abilities and improved attributes. Eventually Mash will become a truly terrifying prospect to run into on the pitch!

But How Does the Rookie League Work?

At the beginning of a new Rookie League, and each time a new coach joins a League in progress, each coach selects a single Guild to use throughout the duration of the League. Each Guild has one Rookie that has a number of different progression paths that they can choose to follow during the course of the League. The paths that the player progresses through must be chosen at the start of the League; if a coach wants to change their player’s progression path, they must start right back at the beginning with a Rookie-level player! The players currently available to play in a Rookie League are:

  • Alchemist’s Guild – Venin
  • Blacksmith’s Guild – Ferrite
  • Brewer’s Guild – Mash
  • Butcher’s Guild – Boiler
  • Engineer’s Guild – Salvo
  • Farmer’s Guild – Windle
  • Fishermen’s Guild – Jac
  • Hunter’s Guild – Zarola
  • Mason’s Guild – Chisel
  • Mortician’s Guild – Ghast
  • The Union – Fangtooth

Each coach will have two different card front paths and two card back paths to choose from for their Rookie, these are colour coded as you can see below. Each coach must select one card front and one card back before playing any games. Let’s take a look at some examples for Mash of the Brewer’s Guild:



Here we can see starting card fronts for the two different progression paths that Mash can choose from, named Brawling and Footballing. These represent two different focuses Mash could have taken when he was a youth just starting out in the Brewer’s Guild. Before playing any games a Brewer’s coach must choose one of these to use, from that point on Mash will be either ‘Footballing’ or ‘Brawling’ and will follow that path for the rest of the League. In addition to choosing a card front, the Brewer coach must also choose a card back for Mash to use, either ‘Husbard’ or ‘Batsman’:


This means that once the paths have been chosen the Brewer coach could end up with ‘Brawling Batsman’ Mash or ‘Footballing Husband’ Mash or perhaps even ‘Brawling Husband’ Mash for a super melee supportive model. There are four different combinations for each Rookie.

Once each coach has selected their Rookie’s card front and back, just start playing games of Guild Ball like you normally would. As you can see, each of the starting sides is pretty weak! Mash at this level of his career is a complete newbie to Guild Ball, still wet behind the ears with a lot to learn. However, after each game, everyone’s League player will be able to progress to their next stage, and they won’t stay Rookies for long!

Player Progression

After each game in the Rookie League, each coach will get to upgrade their player by choosing to level up their selected card front OR their card back. For example, let’s say that we chose to play with ‘Brawling Batsman’ Mash. After one game, we decide to upgrade the front of Mash’s card. At this point we swap out Mash’s Brawling Rookie card front for the Brawling Upgrade 1, which looks like this:


As you can see, elements of Mash’s card front have been improved. The KD Playbook result has become Momentous, Mash’s MOV, ARM, and INF attributes have all increased, and Mash has gained [1] HP. Card upgrades aren’t limited to statistical improvements however, they regularly include whole new Plays and Traits to play with as well as melee zone upgrades and more. Each card front and card back path has five different upgrade levels to explore, meaning by the time you’ve played a few games with your Rookie, they’ll start becoming far more powerful than a ‘normal’ Guild Ball player!

Options Are Sweet!

In addition to being able to use these models and cards during a Rookie League at your local store or club, these Rookie models can also be used during Guild Ball events as alternate sculpts for their normal models.

Some of the stories we heard at SteamCon from the super powered up models were SO cool, and everyone had a fantastic time progressing and building up their cards over the weekend. We’re extremely excited to finally let absolutely everyone play with these models the same way attendees at SteamCon got to!

Support the Stores

We know there has been some concern expressed about support for stores given that these Rookie models are webstore exclusive from us. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the Rookies, it just wasn’t feasible for us to release these as a standard retail product. What we are doing to support stores, however, is release an Organised Play pack exclusively for stores and pundits. These packs will help run Rookie Leagues, and each pack will contain two exclusive Rookie models. More details on this OP pack will be coming later, but we wanted to reassure those of you with concerns that supporting stores is very important to us.

Rook Right Here!

People that attended either SteamCon last year will know that the weekend was a blast; and getting to see stuff like the Rookie League rules months ahead of their release is just one of the amazing aspects of the weekend. Who knows what attendees at this year’s SteamCon will get to see…? Which reminds us, entirely coincidentally, tickets for SteamCon UK 2018 are on sale!!

Probably best pick one those up right quick before they sell out like last year, eh?

Happy Rookieing!