Guild Ball World Team Championship


In September Steamforged Games will be sending three teams to the World Team Championship of Guild Ball to do battle across the pitch with the best players from around the globe. For many the World Team Championship is a highlight of the year, and we are thrilled to see the global Guild Ball community take it upon themselves to run a WTC.

What is a World Team Championship?

If you’re new to Guild Ball, or wargaming in general, you may not know what a WTC is. Well don’t worry, the organisers have succinctly described it on their website.

“The Guild Ball World Team Championship (WTC) is a team tournament, where nations meet to decide which team takes the crown of Guild Ball World Champion!”

When is it?

The WTC will be held, this year, in Belgium on September 22nd to 24th. So, plenty of time to practice then. If you’d like to know more about the event then you can download the rulespack here.

Which countries are attending?

  • Belgium (3 Teams)
  • Denmark (1 Team)
  • England (3 Teams)
  • France (3 Teams)
  • Germany (3 Teams)
  • Hungary (1 Team)
  • Poland (1 Team)
  • Slovenia (1 Team)
  • Spain (3 Teams)
  • Glorious Nation of Steamforged (3 Teams)
  • Sweden (3 Teams)
  • Switzerland (1 Team)
  • USA (3 Teams)

There are 3 SPOTS REMAINING (at the time of writing) and the registration deadline is June 1st. Mobilise your community and get involved before it’s too late! Contact to arrange entering a team.

Who is going to win?

Who knows? Probably not Steamforged, but we’ll be attending with our own internal rivalries. Check back in next week to see who our teams consist of and which guild they will be using. Don’t miss out on any updates by following us on Twitter and Facebook.