Guild Ball WTC - Team Fun

Meet the Team

  • Team Captain: Jamie
  • Players: Ed and Adam

Jamie: As Community Manager for Steamforged Games I’ve run my fair share of events, and competed in them too. When I was informed that I was being made Captain of ‘Team Fun’ for the Guild Ball WTC it was with a big ole’ smile that I accepted the privilege. I secretly hope that my team will perform the strongest out of all our teams, but we’ll do it AND leave a smile on our opponent’s face. Since Season 3 started I’ve tried my hand at a few Guilds, namely the Alchemists and Butchers BUT my love for the Brewer’s Guild has been rekindled recently and I’ll be taking them to represent Steamforged Games at the WTC. I can’t wait to meet more of our international community and put faces to names that I’ve only seen via FB, Twitter or through email. Good luck to all.


Ed: My current role at Steamforged involves heading up the Organised Play Team, as well as having a hand in the operations side of the business within the UK.  Which means I should know most rules to Guild Ball, Shadow Games and Dark Souls – The Board Game (or at least I’m meant to!)  I am also involved in maintenance of the Organised Play Rules.

My first love has always been, and always will be the Morticians. Obulus is just such a stellar role model!  However, I’m told that I could also do an excellent cosplay of Windle!  So, it may very well be the Farmers!

What I am most looking forward to at the WTC, is getting to play some excellent games of Guild Ball and meeting players from all over the world.  It’ll be very interesting to see different countries metas’ and approaches to the game. Through competing on the UK tournament circuit I’m becoming fairly well acquainted with some of the Team England attendees, so a weekend away with colleagues and friends is always enjoyable and good fun too! However the weekend pans out I hope it won’t end up with me rolling around in the hay with carrots and claws in a Windle-esque fashion!!


Adam: I'm Adam, and I've touched your models... 

Yes, really. No it isn't that weird. 

I am a member of the fulfilment team in the warehouse, and we are the ones who move the models from boxes to blisters to stores. If anything that comes out of Steamforged needed physically putting together then there's a pretty good chance I helped to do it. I've been with the company since November 2015, played longer than that and enjoyed every minute of it!

My original loves are the Brewers, however recently I've been swayed by the smell of Gold and Glory and, well, everybody loves pirates right? The Union hold the perfect mix of punchy brawler, slippery footballer and steadfast mid-fielder. I've had a lot of fun with them, and only more so with the addition of Our August Lord's servants, praise be Solthecius!

Onwards to the Guildball WTC! I'm very excited to be picked for the trip out, and looking forward to spending a whole weekend with folks from all over the world who love the game as much as we at HQ do! Never one to shy away, I look forward to testing my own skill against those picked for national service, and although I suspect I'll come off worse for wear I'll enjoy every step of the way. And I hear that there's beer involved....