Guild Ball WTC - Team Painted

Meet the Team

  • Team Captain: Mat
  • Players: Russ & Sherwin

Mat: Hey hey! My name is Mat Hart and I’m one of the original founders of Steamforged Games but these days my role as Creative Director means I get to work with our talented bunch of creatives currently developing Guild Ball, Dark Souls™ and a few other amazing projects that are super top secret…for now!

I’m lucky enough to work with both Sherwin and Russ on a day to day basis which has meant we’ve been able to strategize our game plan to make a splash at the WTC this year. We’re definitely going hard for the name “Team Paint” with some never seen before sculpts and us all dressed in some snazzy outfits. More on that to come I reckon.

I’m going to be rocking (yes!) the Masons to try and give our team a firm foundation (nailed it!) to build (I can’t stop now!) Team Paint’s chances at glory, fame and hammering (OMG!) the other SFG teams into the dust.

I really can’t wait to get to the WTC to hang out with everyone as meeting old friends and making new ones is by far and away my favourite activity of any weekend of gaming. Look forward to seeing you all there!


Russ: I am the Lead Sculptor and Sculpting Coordinator at Steamforged. That means that I am the guy who looks after the freelancers who work on our projects, oversees getting our digital designs into production and, most importantly, I’m the guy who sculpts all the models for Guild Ball!

I’ve been a part of Guild Ball since before the Kickstarter when I was asked to produce two concept models of contrasting captains. These eventually became known as Shark and Ox, and I guess the rest is history.

Whilst I have been a firmly loyal Brewer player since those distant days, for season 3 I have decided to increase my painted teams and have therefore been focusing on the Engineers. They’ll be my team of choice at the WTC, and though I already have a completed roster of painted models, there’s something special planned for the event so I am currently working on a new line-up that promises to be quite unique…

I am so pleased to have been asked to represent SFG at the WTC. I am really looking forward to spending more time with our awesome community and getting a lot of great games in. I am also looking forward to seeing how the Season 3 stuff is represented there- I am super proud of the Farmers and hope to see them in action! And finally, I am looking forward to getting team hats, just so Mat has to wear one…


Sherwin: Hi guys! My name is Sherwin and I’m the Lead Writer for Steamforged Games, and part of the Development Team. As well as writing pieces for our various games such as Dark Souls™ and Shadow Games (and others in development…) my day to day is spent in the Empire of the Free Cities, writing the story arc for Guild Ball. Unfortunately, chances are if one of your favourite characters has brought the farm, I’m probably to blame… sorry about that!

Much like Russ, I’ve been a part of the Guild Ball universe for a few years now, before the Kickstarter launched. My first piece was called ‘Match Day’, and a few veterans might remember it appearing on our Facebook page way back when. Don’t worry if you missed it however – the story, featuring how a certain pirate lost his leg during a game, made it into the Season One rulebook as the introduction, so you can find it here.

Although I’ve seen table time with almost all of the Guilds, I’ll be taking the Hunter’s Guild to the WTC. As most of you know, I recently penned a Theron Origins story arc which left me feeling fired up to use him a little more – and once I saw Russ’ gorgeous new S3 sculpts, I knew I had to field them.

It’s a real honour to play for SFG at the World Team Championships, and I already can’t wait. Whilst it will be great to catch up with some familiar faces, I’m definitely looking forward to meeting new coaches and discussing their favourite moments from our stories!