Guild Identity Cards - Final Update

Today is the final update for the Guild Identity Cards (GICs), which also represents the close of the public preview period. We would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has engaged with this process and provided feedback to us. This has been a truly thrilling experience to be able to openly discuss and debate different ideas with you all.

Today we will be showing you the GICs in their final form. This is how they will appear at the Guild Identities tournaments that will be running at both SteamCon UK and SteamCon US. Please feel free to come and talk to us about Guild Identities, both the ones you liked and the ones you didn’t. Additionally, please feel free to continue to play Guild Ball events using Guild Identity cards. Even though the preview period has come to a close, the feedback threads will remain open for anyone who wishes to add further match reports.

The Future of Guild Identities

Because of the enormously positive reaction that Guild Identities have had, we can confirm that Guild Identities will be making an official appearance in the future of Guild Ball. We need to take some time now to determine how and when it will be best to implement them, but they will most certainly be appearing again.

All the Single Changes, All the Single Changes

This is the change log for the Guild Identity Cards. As usual, the full digital files can be found at the bottom of this blog.

Alchemist’s Guild
With regards to Acidic Coating, while not completely setting the world on fire (pun intended), there has been a fair point made that this card is one of the last that can have an effect on every single Influence point spent by an Alchemist team. Assuming, at least, that the Alchemist team chooses to spend every Influence point on making Attacks against enemy players that have at least [1] ARM. This means that Acidic Coating has the potential to have a greater impact on a turn to turn basis than any other GIC. We have changed this to affect a single Attack or Charge for every player on the Alchemist team per turn.

Brewer’s Guild
So the Brewer’s Guild have had a consistent issue where one of their cards is consistently rising to the top and becoming ‘the choice’. Currently that card seems to be Bring it On. We have reshuffled the Heal Rates to try to even out the choice. This means that Bring it On now has a Heal Rate of [4] and You, Hang Back! now has a Heal Rate of [5].

Butcher’s Guild
Even with the last change to Crushing Force, this card still represented something of a negative play experience on occasion, which isn’t something we wanted to leave in. Instead, now when an enemy model declares a Counter Attack against a Butcher with Crushing Force, the Butcher player gains [+2] TAC until the Counter Attack is resolved.

Farmer’s Guild
Spirit of Cooperation fell behind a little too much in the pick rate, and generally wasn’t seen as quite as useful or exciting as the other two options. We’ve changed it so that this GIC now grants every friendly Planter player the Lend a Hand Character Trait, which provides an additional Crowding Out penalty to enemy players.

Mortician’s Guild
The Morticians are a Guild that don’t particularly specialise in either inflicting take-outs or scoring goals, but rather use their impressive control abilities to create options for achieving both. However, the spread of Mortician GICs previously didn’t give them any additional options for creating goals. So, Misery has been replaced with a brand new GIC called Ghost Shot that helps them move the ball around from even more weird angles! Ghost Shot has a Heal Rate of [3]. To balance out their Heal Rate spread, we have increased the Inheritance Tax to Heal Rate [4].

That’s all for today folks! Remember to post your thoughts on the Guild Identity Theory posts in the General Discussion Forum or within the Guild Specific Sub-Forums. Please leave any feedback you have from games played within the Game Feedback Thread.

Finally, thank you again so much for engaging with this public preview!