Veteran Hearne and Egret – Squawk The Line

In this final avian themed blog we’re going to talk about the cuckoos that have invaded the nest, Veteran Hearne and Egret. These two Hunters models are crossover models that are now dual Guild with the Falconers, we’re going to look at how they fit within the Falconers playstyle and what they bring to the table.

Hearne To Fly


Veteran Hearne’s place within the Falconers team is predominantly focused on the unique options he brings to the team, rather than what the team can do for him. First up his 2” melee zone is a big deal in a team of predominately 1” melee zones. If the coach plays both Hearne and Minerva they can run two 2” melee zones, or he can replace Minerva, bringing his unique skill set while still bringing a 2” melee to bear. With this he is less susceptible to counter attacks, and offers another low momentous knockdown and a momentous tackle on his second column.

hearne 2.jpg

Though Hearne is one of the slower members of the Falconer line up, his low MOV stat can be deceptive. On a pitch with well-placed rough-ground, Winter’s Blessing and Light-Footed bring him up to a 6”/8” MOV. This movement can be supplemented by the placement effect of his character play, Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse allows Hearne to be placed within 1” of a snared model that he damages with a Playbook Damage result. Frelsi can assist him by flying around and using her easily accessible Snare character play to set up Lunar Eclipse targets for him. In addition, once per game he should have plenty of targets for Lunar Eclipse after Devana uses her Daughter of Falcons legendary play to apply snared and damage to enemy models within 6”.

Hearne’s first character play Skewered brings more ranged damage and another way of applying the snared condition. This gives him a way of making use of his Lunar Eclipse ability without assistance, either by paying the influence cost or by triggering the play through his playbook. Though a powerful character play within the Hunters team, Skewered gets tuned up within Falconers, since it gains bonus damage when targeting an enemy within a Harrier AOE.


Saving the best for last, the biggest boon he brings to the team is in his unique character play, Last Light. Last Light allows a target friendly model to spend MP to pay the influence cost of a character play, at no influence cost to Hearne. Falconers are packed to the brim with character plays that they would love not to have to spend influence on. Need a Harrier AOE down on an enemy model or to shift a Harrier AOE with Devana? Want to get Eye Spy on a model but didn’t assign enough to Minerva? Only allocated 1 to Ikaros but then realise you need to use Taking Flight to get the range to score? These are but a few of the many options available to the team. Last Light brings a flexibility to the team after influence has been allocated, helping to mitigate your opponent’s attempts to thwart your plans.

Crow and Arrow


Whereas Hearne brings unique abilities to the team, Egret’s role in the team is more about the ability to double down on certain tools the team already has access to. Her mobility and strong kick stats allow her to be an additional striker, great for match-ups where playing the ball and scoring goals is more important than fighting the opposing team. This role makes her a great model to support Ikaros within the team, either through collecting the ball for him or scoring a goal after he’s collected it for her.

Despite this footballing ability, her talents go beyond that. Egret provides additional ranged damage to the team via Snap Fire and Flurry. This damage is enhanced by the addition of the poison condition from her first character trait, Venomous Strike. Between her and Mataagi, the Falconers team have access to a two-person firing squad that rains arrows on the enemy, applying the bleed and poison condition in their wake.

As with Hearne, it’s important to remember that both of Egret’s character plays gain bonus damage from the Harrier AOEs. This cranks up the damage output of both her character plays and offsets issues she sometimes has with choosing targets. Ordinarily, coming up against models with Tough Hide is an issue for Egret, stopping her from being able to get any use from her Snap Fire character play. However, a well-placed Harrier AOE will solve this in a pinch, allowing her to damage and poison models she normally struggles against when played within the Hunters Guild.   

egret 2.jpg

Egret has two other character traits, both help increase her mobility and aid her hit and run playstyle. The first of these is Swift Strikes, which allows her to dodge an inch each time she deals damage to an enemy model. This can be used to reposition her further from the enemy or get her closer to the enemy goal-post ready to score a goal. This can be triggered after each character play, potentially allowing her to get multiple dodges whilst dealing increased damage from Harrier AOEs and applying conditions. Her second trait Back To The Shadows, allows her to dodge 4” at the end of an activation in which she caused damage. This trait allows her to play further up the field, making use of the Harrier AOEs, and then dodge back to safety. When combined with Swift Strikes and a Harrier AOE Egret can potentially dodge 8” during her activation whilst outputting 8 damage and multiple instances of the poison condition.

And with that, we’ve completed our blog series on the Falconers. Let us know what you think of the Falconers team on our forums, Facebook, and Twitter!  If you want to pick them up you can grab them at your local game store on 15th June, or grab them from our webstore HERE. Now we’re done with our feathery friends, next time on the blog we’ll be turning our attention to more faithful models…