Kick About: Escalation League Pack

The summer draws on and with both fall and winter approaching, the off-season looms heavy in the air of the Empire of the Free Cities. The Guilds look evermore to their rookies and the training fields in search of new recruits, talent, and perhaps yet even from amongst the other Guilds too!

To represent this upon the table-top, we at Steamforged Games are happy to announce the release of the Kick About Escalation League. Released on 18 August, this pack is perfect for new and experience players alike, looking either to take their first steps onto the pitch, or those looking a little further afield, to the richest the other Guilds can offer them.

The Kick About kit is designed with new players in mind, and allows complete beginners to learn the ins and outs of their chosen guild by taking part in an 8-man slow-grow league.  Starting out with a 3-player team, over a period of weeks the League kit encourages Coaches to build their teams up to full 6-player squads.  The kit is filled with tools to enable new Coaches to learn the game with little more knowledge than a previous demo, while also enabling established Coaches to try out new guilds with different play-styles from what they’re used to in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.  What’s more the kit is filled with participation prizes, with Coaches receiving an exclusive Kick About pin badge and limited Chibi-style Mascot character card, at the very beginning of the League. 

The Kick About kit brings together 8 Coaches, overseen by the League Organiser (who could be one of our excellent Pundits, who may themselves be one of the 8 League Coaches) over a period of 6 weeks, to build and grow a new team, from the foundations of just 1 Captain and 2 Players, up to a fully fledge team of 6 (or more!) models.  To assist the League Organiser with the running of the League, the pack contains a League Organiser’s Guide and all the record sheets they could possibly need!

The kit also introduces an exciting new mechanic, similar to Plot Cards, called Hidden Agendas and comes with an 80 card Hidden Agenda Deck.  Where Coaches are awarded Hidden Agenda Points for completing various objectives, both on the Pitch and at home at the hobby table.  Coaches compete over the course of the League to score as many Hidden Agenda Points as possible with the Coach scoring most, being awarded the title of League Champion.

The League builds toward a crescendo of the League Finale, where all Coaches will take part in a 3-round event against one another.  Over the course of the Finale Coaches will be able to vote for various awards, from the Immaculately Turned Out award for the best painted team to the Master Builder award for the best goal or terrain piece.  With the Coach who goes undefeated at the League Finale being crowed as the League Cup Winner

All Coaches who participate in the Finale, and complete the League, will also be awarded with a Kick About exclusive miniature and player card, ‘Lucky’.  ‘Lucky’ is dual-guild player, capable of playing for both the Brewer’s and Mason’s, and comes with a highly unusual set of Character Plays and Traits, which really are something that raises the stakes upon the field of play!  For now, however, a little spoiler;

If getting into Guild Ball, or treading a different path of a new guild in a fun, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere sounds like an enjoyable time to you, while getting your hands or some excellent participation prizes, be sure to ask at your local gaming store when they’ll be taking sign-ups for, and running, their first Kick About Escalation League!