Katalyst, Fallen Prometheus


Not all alchemy is concerned with conversion of inorganic materials. For some scientists, the pursuit of extending mankind’s years and to emerging victorious against ravages of time is a much nobler study. One such alchemist is known to others as Katalyst.

On the pitches upon which Guild Ball is played, the hulking Katalyst stalks the opposition, limbs in a perpetual state of paroxysm, snorting great deep breaths through his restrictive mask. The cylindrical generator strapped to his back whines and churns as chemicals rush through the heavy piping connecting the apparatus to the barbaric looking sockets set into his skin. Needles on dials whirr manically from number to number, in and out of the painted red sections, muscles on the man twitching accordingly.

Behind the mask, Katalyst wears a rictus face, locked between a hideous maniacal grin and the grimace of a person in sheer agony. His teeth crack as he gnashes them together, spittle runs along the underside of his chin, collecting in rivulets that trail onto his immense chest. Sporadically and uncontrollably there is emitted a titanic bellow, half terrifying roar, half strangled sob. Katalyst is feral and powerful, like some primordial creature of legend come to life to dominate and maim, to break men across his knee.

But the same compound that has sustained his growth into the towering wall of muscle and that feeds his raw brutality is also killing Katalyst. Over time, he is aware that it will simply liquefy his organs. After each game he staggers from the field to collapse, crawl into the foetal position and await the inevitable shuddering torment of withdrawal from his elixir.

Ironically, Katalyst has seen a glimpse that he is desperately close to the secret of life eternal in his laboratory. A more collected individual might devote himself entirely to research, in the hope that the formula could be perfected in his lifetime.

But then Katalyst has never been known for his patience. He will achieve the greatness he yearns for however he can, destroying his body as his mind searches for his answer. Only time will tell whether he retires a legend; the man that discovered the secret of eternal life, or dies an undignified victim to his own reckless folly.

Katalyst is available to pre-order as part of The Alchemist’s Guild: The Lure of Gold