Kraken, Deep Power


Kraken jogged alongside Angel, his long loping strides that propelled him forward as fast as her legs carried her at full sprint. He barely ever spoke. Always instead with that kindly, gentle smile and look, completely at odds with his size, dwarfing everyone around him. Angel was always struck by a sense of gentleness about him for some reason she could never quite reconcile. That and how much physical power emanated from the man. It was almost impossible to see past that. When the other teams tried to bring him down, he always seemed an immovable object, like a cliff facing down the waves crashing against it. Then, like a mighty creature of myth, he would smite them aside with one giant swipe of a heavily tattooed arm.

Her breath was torn out of her as he barrelled into her sideways, sending her sprawling. Winded, gasping, she rolled over, trying to desperately draw air into burning lungs. Through blurry eyes she could see Kraken wrestling with another figure. Angel tried to stand, to get to her feet, but fell to one knee. She waited for the blade from a second assailant to end this as she helplessly tried to use her hands to push herself up.

It was a hand attached to strong forearm that grasped her wrist and pulled her to her unsteady feet. She found herself looking into the eyes of Siren, impossibly blue, piercing her from underneath that hood, with no clue of anything that their owner might be feeling. Angel hacked up a cough and just about recovered in time to see Siren turn and nod to Kraken, standing stoically a few paces away, an unconscious assailant now at his feet.

A sensation, which Angel never could shake whilst around the pair, was that of being impossibly and uncomfortably awkward. Neither ever seemed to speak to the other, yet you quickly felt like you were out of place, an intruder to something primal, some ethereal connection. Whatever it was, the feeling was a complete mystery.

Now was not the time to waste on considering that though. They were already in front and there was a game to win. Quickly, Angel turned and ran up the pitch, looking for the pass to Greyscales...

Kraken is available to pre-order as part of The Changing Tide