Mainspring, Anti-Personnel Mine


“They call them Mainsprings. The construction of them is one of the Cogs most closely guarded secrets, along with how they get them to move about under their own power and without needing too much guidance. I know a whole host of people that would love to get their filthy hands on the design of it and use them to their own ends.

Trouble is, same reason that the little bastards are good on the field stops them from falling into the wrong hands too. Anyone that has managed to pick one up and make off with it rarely lives to have regrets once they start dissecting the thing. I heard one Cog call them tamperproof. Reckon the stories I hear confirm that and then some. I wonder if even some of the Engineer’s don’t get nervous around them.” - Flint, Mason’s Guild Vice Captain

Mainspring is available to pre-order now as part of The Instruments of War