Mercury, the Flare of Passion

"I don’t think he cares much about guild business, p’haps not even the game. He’s not like the others, trying to save us all with his witch magic, not even like that power hungry sop they call a captain. He’s less a Lab Rat and more a flashy, showy Drunk. Yes, the Brewer’s Guild might like him, throw the cat right amongst the pigeons.

I think he’s just in this for the women. Typical Ethraynnian. Got his trick with his gloves nailed down to show off like, made the squad and then started chasing tail like a sailor just got into dock. It works, I’ll grant you. Never known any other player go down such a big hit in the stands. I hear that he even has a whole bevy of them follow him around like his own personal fan club. You can bet that hedonistic bastard has some stories that would turn a priest’s ears red.

One day, he’ll retire and write a book out of it, if no one wastes him too hard first. I’d pay good coin to be left alone with the smirking bastard myself; see if he’s such a hit after I’d be done with him. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way.

Probably when I’ve seen him pass up the chance to score before, just so he can show off and get the stands to cheer him. That don’t make him too popular with the old school none either, let me tell you. Between the boys in the packs that don’t care for the Lab Rats, the old timers that run things that he don’t follow the orders of and the hardliners like the boss, he don’t have many friends.

He’s got the goods though. You ever see what he did to that Mason? Smelt like bacon. Don’t engage him directly. If you can, try for a backstab. Less dangerous that way. I don’t care whether you get wasted or not mind, but more of us against less of them is good pickings. No sense in running by the skin of your teeth unless you have to. And if he starts throwing those fireballs around? My best advice is not to hang around where they’re about to land. You could wind up smelling like bacon too.

You might just about get away with not making yourself a target though. If he don’t think none of you, or that you’re no threat, he might just go after someone more impressive looking for his fan club. He won’t care about whether his guild wants you taken out or not, doesn’t play that game.

At the end of the day, the guild is just a seal stamped on his cheques, a means to an end. That’s all. Almost respectable really, it’s about the only thing of him I can respect. That’s probably why I haven’t knifed him yet when our paths have crossed."

- Shank, Butcher’s Guild Vice Captain

Mercury is available to pre-order as part of The Alchemist’s Guild: The Lure of Gold