Midas, The Chosen One


Midas is amongst the most radical thinkers of his time. In an age when culture and society struggles to accept the innovations that have begun to emerge from properly considered scientific principles and for the first time embraces conventional wisdom over secular thought, the chosen one of the Alchemist’s Guild has already long since surpassed even his peers. But then, that is no surprise. For Midas has already lived a life as malleable as the metals that he works with.

A son of one of the increasingly disenfranchised noble families of Valentia, Midas learned at an early age in order to achieve anything in the Empire of the Free Cities, one would have to make their own fortune. Disgusted with the languishing misery of noble life in his homeland and armed with both a keen intellect and an education to rival that of the most affluent crown prince, Midas chose to flee to Ethraynne on the advent of his sixteenth name day.

Landing ashore in the city of Cest’alle, Midas soon found the community of progressive thinkers and revolutionaries that he had searched in vain for throughout his life as a noble. Poor, living in squalor and sleeping in abandoned buildings, huddled together for warmth; nonetheless their scientific minds dreamt of demonstrating their knowledge of the world to better the lives of the people and to further humanity. But Midas would not content himself with this existence.

Pilfering from workshops across the city and travelling alone to remote parts of the countryside in search of precious minerals and resources, soon Midas was able to set up his own experiments. His findings were astounding. With the invention of his own scientific approach, he created what he termed ‘the Crucible’; the ability to create precious metals from worthless minerals. He was not long in attracting the attention of the Magisters of the Alchemist’s Guild to this.

Abandoning the dreamers of the slums to become a scholar in residence, Midas threw himself into further studies within the extensive libraries and laboratories of the guild, seeking to perfect his technique. When the moment came, Midas saw in Guild Ball another step up on the rungs of power.

It is not until an Alchemist’s ascension in rank that the curtain is truly pulled back. For the High Council of Alchemists, the captain is an ambassador to the Empire of the Free Cities, a liaison between the guild and the common people. To Midas this is as great a charade as any other he has known, and it is one he reluctantly plays a part of. For all that the council hope that by his inclusion that they placate and rein him in, the reality is that all it has truly served to do is to fuel his ambition and encourage him to concoct other ways in which he could seize even more power.

Midas is available for pre-order as part of The Alchemist’s Guild: The Lure of Gold