New Talent Spotted!

Two new talents have been spotted on the Proving Grounds for the Brewer’s Guild and the Mason’s Guild! Tales tell of a wildcard and a new enforcer, let’s find out if it’s mere rumor or fact…


Pintpot's unfiltered aggression makes him a brawler your opponents best avoid. A boisterous juggernaut at the start of a match, clever coaches will need to manage the flow of his potential, least he run flat on you. Prone to bouts of showboating, Pintpot is more interested in the attention of the crowd than the support of his teammates. If you'd like to find out more about Pintpot click here.

  • PintPot’s Rowdy nature means that he never suffers from Crowding Out, which means that any TAC buff is even stronger, such as Tapper’s Commanding Aura.
  • Being able to spend Beer Tokens to trigger Smashing Face make him an incredibly efficient bruiser on the pitch, giving him more INF to make Attacks with.
  • Choosing when to spend your Beer Tokens is an important factor in how PintPot plays. Spend them all too quickly and PintPot will soon find his abilities weakened (likely as he’ll have over indulged too much), but if you don’t spend enough then he won’t be as brutal to the opposition as you’d hoped. 


Known for her unyielding durability and protective prowess, Granite has molded herself into one of the Mason's finest enforcers, offering Mason coaches a new and exciting keystone player. Channeling relentless mobility, she not only bolsters the positioning power of the rest of her team but she shelters them from the chaos of the pitch. This rock-solid sentinel will weather the fury of your opponent's blows, biding her time until she finds the perfect moment to level the opposition. If you'd like to know more about Granite click here.

  • As her Character Play may suggest, Granite is a Tar Pit with the ability to apply negative movement debuffs up to -6”/6” on top of having easy access to Knock Down. She is perfect for keeping those pesky players in their place.

  • Granite is in her element when she can engage multiple models, increasing her DEF as she fights harder to keep her teammates safe.

  • With Honour at her side, Granite benefits from Quick Time and Superior Strategy. These will keep this enforcer moving at the same pace as some of her faster Guild members.

Season 3 Player Card Pack

Listen up Rook! Players are always changing, keeping you on your toes! But it just so happens the Guild Informants have managed to get us their latest playbooks and tricks for the pitch. Be sure to give 'em a look before your next match. 

As an ever-evolving game, Guild Ball continually pushes its players and challenges its coaches. To conquer the ever-changing challenges on the pitch, this exciting deck contains one Season 3 replacement card for each current Season 1 and Season 2 Guild Ball model.


How will you best utilize these two new stars on the pitch? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter and Forums where you can discuss their best uses with other coaches, and lead your Guild to glory on the pitch. Available now from your local gaming store.