New Year, New Hobby

It’s a New Year, and it’s time to make some Hobby Resolutions. We’ve gone around the office and made various members of the team put their resolutions down on paper.


Jamie Giblin, Community Manager

Resolution: Attend more Guild Ball Events in 2018 than 2017.

After attending SteamCon UK & USA I’m completely invigorated to attend more Guild Ball Events in 2018. I’d like to try and attend at least one tournament per month, I’ve already signed up to tournaments in January and February, and I’m looking for events from March onwards. Last year most of my Guild Ball interaction came from commentating on over 40 competitive games, and at SteamCon USA the competitive player inside me started to itch again. I’ve predominantly used the Alchemist’s Guild with Smoke as my captain of choice, however I’ve been really enjoying using the Farmer’s Guild with Grange at the helm. In 2018 I think I’ll be using the Farmer’s Guild, well…until the Ratcatcher’s Guild is released.


Russ Charles, Sculptor

Resolution: Only play fully painted miniatures & complete my ‘secret projects’.

I am excited for the coming year for a bunch of reasons! I recently completed painting my Blacksmiths guild, which makes room on my table for some new projects. Luckily, the Brewers and Engineers both won a player in the Union in Chains event, so I can look forward to getting those models done! I am also excited to paint some Godtear models, it’s the first internal game I’ve not done all the models for, so it will be exciting to build a collection and discover the game alongside everyone else. With BonesCon and Vengeance not too far away I am frantically working on secret projects for both which occupies my time, but I have promised myself this year that some of the games I have gathering dust on my shelf will get some proper table time…I am very particular about only playing fully painted so I have 75% finished factions for about four games that need nudging over the finish line. However, all that may fall to the wayside once the minor guilds start to release. I’ve finished sculpting several of these now (yes, more than has been released) and I am super excited to get to play them! It’s going to be a fun year!


Sherwin Matthews, Writer & Game Developer

Resolution: Find time to play all the games!

So, 2018… and what am I looking forward to? Trying to find time enough to do everything - I’m insanely excited for the year to come! Firstly, there are the Minor Guilds. Every time I see a new model from Russ or some artwork from Doug, I get that little bit more amped up. These guys are going to blow people’s minds when they see them. And then there’s Godtear; more than anything else, I'm looking forward to getting Raeth’Marid on the painting table, as anyone at Steamcon US last year will likely already know. Finally (and the game I’m easily the most enthusiastic about), I really can’t wait to sit down and blast through some Resident Evil™ 2 – The Board Game campaigns!


Bryce Johnston, Game Developer

Resolution: Paint less, Play more!

My hobby plans for 2018 are fairly simple; play as many tournaments as I can! I’m not much of a painter, so the fact that our new plastic boxes don’t need to be painted to be used in tournaments is a real big deal for me. As the year goes on, this gives me plenty of options to take to more events. 

I’m going to be playing a lot of Guild Ball events this year, particularly looking to expand outwards to events within a couple of hours drive of Stockport. I’m going to be at the Sheffield Team Tournament (with Farmers) later this month [Editor’s Comment: Giblin’s Team will win this event], followed by Bonescon (with Blacksmiths) the month after, and I’m already eyeing a couple of events for March and April (playing ooooh we’ll see!).

I’m also so very, very excited for you guys to see more of the Minor Guild models, and of course Godtear. There is a TONNE of stuff for you guys to see this year, it’s gonna be an absolute banger troops!