All the Guild Ball News...

We're just ten days from the first Guild Ball National Event of 2018. The Belgian National Event is, at the time of writing, just two players away from guaranteeing the winner free travel, accommodation and entry into SteamCon UK.

Regardless of if they reach the magical 30 Players the winner will receive this awesome Obulus Trophy provided by De Tinnen Roos


hall vs giblin thumb.jpg

Jamie and Alex (Team Stream) are going head to head, in what nobody is calling 'The Clash of the Titans' this Thursday at 4PM GMT.

Join them on Twitch & YouTube for low level commentary and janky play.


We're hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on our Guild Ball subreddit on 24th January at 10AM GMT with Bryce 'The Other Guy' Johnston.

Start thinking of questions now, and get them into the comments. If this goes well we'll look into doing more with various members of the team.


What are you looking at here? Let us know your guesses on the Guild Ball Facebook Page