Organised Play Kits | Guild Ball

At SteamCon we revealed the upcoming Organised Play Packs for Guild Ball! It’s now time to release them into the wild. Speak to your independent retailer or local Pundit and let them know there is an Organised Play Pack with their name on it just waiting to be sent out. Here is what’s in the pack:


Coloured dice & metal momentum coins for First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Best Painted, as well as certificates to certify your award! These are only available from the Organised Play Packs, so they are special collector’s items that you can only earn by competing in these events.

There are also a variety of new limited edition models available to be won in these kits, with varying degrees of rarity. How these are awarded is entirely up to the Tournament Organiser! It could be for winning the event, it could be raffled off so that everyone has an equal chance just for attending, it could be given to the Most Sporting player - it’s entirely up to the TO. The available models are:

  • Iron, Blacksmith’s Guild - Common

  • Ploughman, Farmer’s Guild - Common

  • Ikaros, Falconer’s Guild - Rare

  • Windfinder, Navigator’s Guild - Super Rare

3D Renders of the Limited Edition Miniatures

By competing regularly (and successfully!) at Organised Play Events it’s possible to amass a serious collection of metal coins and coloured dice, with which you’re sure to be the envy of your local gaming group!