Ox, Master Butcher

Season One Story

The Ox is a pragmatist. You’ve got to be, Captain of a team where the only unifying factor is that in one way or another, the players are there because they like to hurt people. Such an individual needs to know how to get the most out of what they do best, because it’s definitely not playing Guild Ball with a ball at their feet.

The Ox rules his team with an iron fist and has built them into a dependable, unified crew. No matter how much any of them might mouth off, not one ever has the stones to step over the line. The Master Butcher enforces obedience and his team know enough to show him respect. He wouldn’t have it any other way. Ox is not above using intimidation or fear to control his own team, as well as a tool against their rivals.

But Ox is good at what he does too. Tough as nails, as capable of gutting a man as he is of talking to him. Tall, imposing, strong, a solid powerhouse that strikes terror into the hearts of the opposing team and their fans all the same. Originally a freelance mercenary, the Master Butcher has been a soldier for the Butcher’s Guild for a long time. His career in Guild Ball is littered with mutilated victims and the bodies of opposition players and it is rumoured that before becoming a player, he held a contract with the Butcher’s Guild for when more direct methods of persuasion were required.

Ox has never been one for asking questions, just getting the job done in as efficient an order as can be, his preferred method running to brutality foremost. If ever there has been a player more suited to the guild, chances are the Ox already got to them before they could make a name for themselves.

The Master Butcher knows that Guild Ball isn’t all about the scoreline, informed by years of experience. The Butcher’s Guild has a reasonable performance record on the field, but in the game’s shadowy underworld, a considerably greater reputation. The Butchers are one of the oldest and most prolific Guilds, with a lot of enemies and a considerable number of interests that must be protected. Many is the time that the Butchers have taken to the field and demolished the opposition without even touching the ball to fulfil some old vendetta, or wasted a key player at the behest of their guild. Other teams are always wary in playing Ox’s team, for this brutality is where his ruthless hand is at its best.

Ultimately though, Ox knows that everyone is just an obstacle to his own, real goal, the guilds be damned. After years of bloody war and of barely controlled violence on the pitch, the Master Butcher is tired of all this shit and just wants to make his money and retire. And the only way he’s going to survive to do that is to be the best he can be.

Top Tip

Ox is a brilliant force multiplier, whilst he himself can do the bloody work where he excels is at making his Guild do more damage. thanks to The Owner. Position Ox well, safe from repositions and load up your players with influence to bring the pain to your opponent.