Boiler, The Apprentice

Season One Story

Boiler looked down at his hands, covered in blood.

Someone else’s blood. He couldn’t for the life of him work out how he got this way. Last thing he knew, he was running for his mark like the Ox told him, breaking away from the pack. There had been a blurry flash, a horrific ripping noise and then that next sound; like a when you dropped a slab of meat onto a stone tile. A cold, dead, fleshy thud.

The Butcher suddenly realised he didn’t have his knife to hand any more. Panicking, he scrambled up off his back and onto his knees, wild eyes staring around him. He was new and didn’t know much about Guild Ball, but what he did know was that if he didn’t have his weapon, he was as good as dead. He found his knife, the hilt protruding from the corpse’s chest. That hadn’t killed him though, as much as he had driven it into where the dead man’s heart should be. What had killed the man was that Princess had torn out his throat. She’d run on now, looking for a fresh victim.

The apprentice quickly approached the body, still aware of his vulnerability to reprisal and braced his foot against it. With a sharp twist, he pulled the knife clear, an arterial spray arcing up with it and splattering across the grass next to him. It tumbled over onto its front and he heard the crowds roar. A huge shadow fell over him. He darted left, turning mid stride, knife poised to throw at this new target until he heard the deep, throaty laughter.

The Ox looked at him, his lips pursed in as much thought as the bigger man ever chose to entertain.

‘You’re dirty scum, Boiler. I saw the mutt bring him down and you had to finish the job yourself, didn’t you?’ His thick drawl made him sound curiously affectionate, which you could never think if you caught the hard look in his eyes. Boiler started to speak, stammered, and then gave up the job.

‘Actions speak louder than words eh? I can appreciate that about you kid. I’m glad you’re on my side, you’re cold as one of those Mortician Spooks. Now go find the animal and a new mark.’

Top Tip

Whenever possible make full use of Assist [Princess] this Character Trait gives Boiler +1 DMG and +1 Tac, coupled with the Ganging Up bonus from Princess this puts Boiler up to Tac 7, and with Anatomical Precision allowing him to ignore 1 ARM, nobody is safe from the young lad. Stay in range of The Owner and you'll be dishing out 4 Momentous Damage on 2 net hits, and to put the cherry on top, your opponent will suffer the Bleed condition through Crucial Artery, so if your Attacks don't do the job the Bleed DMG will likely do it for you.