Painting Tapper's Tartan

We have a treat for you today! Lots of coaches have recently picked up a copy of Kick Off! the perfect two player starter set for Guild Ball. The game includes the Mason’s Guild and Brewer’s Guild in high detailed PVC plastic. Whilst these models are perfectly usable as they are in Guild Ball events, some of you have gone the extra step and painted these models. Mat Hart painted up these Mason’s Guild Models:

We think these look amazing, but we’ve had feedback from the community that the tartan of the Brewer’s Guild can be quite difficult to paint. A quick look online shows a few methods of painting Tartan but they’re all long, and boring, and require a ton of different paints, and a decent level of control with a paint brush. In answer to this, and to make sure the entire hobby around our game is accessible as possible we’ve introduced a brand-new paint to make this task far easier! Check out the video below: