Playtest Weekend Review

Yesterday we held our first ever Guild Ball Playtest Event at SFG HQ! Twenty-Six gamers arrived to test upcoming models for various Guilds, sadly we can’t go into what models they got to test and what changes were made as we’re under NDA, just like they are! But, I for one simply cannot wait to start discussing them with you via the blog! It won't be too long now...

What we can talk about is that players DID get a chance to test was the upcoming Gameplan Cards, to be released in April, again we can’t go into full details on these right now but expect a blog in the not to distant future to give a proper explanation of how these will fit into your games of Guild Ball.

Let us know in the comments below how you think they will work!


Our staff were pumped after the weekend and are already busy planning the future events. If you want to join in next time, then you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled on the Guild Ball Facebook Page.