Post Vengeance: The Aftermath

The dust has settled. The hall is empty. Over 100 Guild Ball fans have returned home. And Midas takes home his second win at Vengeance. All the Steamforged Team who were there had a fantastic time, from those of us who were playing and those of us working. We were able to livestream seven gripping games via Twitch, for those of you who attended or missed the livestream these will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel over the next week, so make sure you subscribe to get them as soon as they are uploaded.

Congratulations to James Long for securing victory with the Alchemist Guild, leading them through some gruelling games, overcoming all who stood before him. Second Place went to our own Game Developer, Bryce Johnston, using the Fishermen Guild. A huge thank you to those who helped run the event from the TO team, and the venue staff it was a wonderful celebration of Guild Ball, and we can’t wait to be back again next year.

Grace & Benediction

Grace & Benediction were available at the event for pre-release, and we allowed them to be used unpainted BUT if you were crazy enough to buy them Friday and paint them overnight then we said we would provide a suitably cool prize. Well, we had a look round the hall during the event and were super impressed by the commitment of players to getting the Solthecian Duo painted up. There were some fantastic paint jobs but we decided to go with Martin Thirwell’s pair. We love the truthful representation of their artwork.

What is the prize though? We will be sending Martin a Chibi version of Blackheart and Coin’s cards!!

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