Princess, Roaming Terror

Season One Story

No one quite knows where Princess is from. At some point, one of the past Butcher players brought her along to games; whoever it was is no longer with the Butchers Guild. Such is a life as is offered to a player as in a game as ruthless as Guild Ball In a guild like the Butcher’s, even less effort is spent in remembering past players that didn’t make the pack. Not one of them likely remembers the players name; just that he or she got wasted and was replaced. But Princess remained.

Top Tip

Use Princess to provide Crowding Out and Ganging Up benefits to push the TAC of your fellow Butchers even higher. Against goal-scoring orientated teams try giving the dog the ball and running off into an area of the pitch to deny your opponent the ball, and let the Butchers get to work doing what they do best.