Ratchet, The Maverick



Not for the first time that day, Ratchet cursed Ballista’s lack of inventiveness. Everything was always so rigidly limited by old regulations and practices, most of which as far as Ratchet was concerned were long out of date or obsolete. It took an age to achieve anything under Ballista’s leadership. The man was so ponderously slow in everything, his mind dull witted and unable to grasp even the basic principles of the new discoveries that were being made daily in the larger city guild houses.

This was not why he had left his homeland of Indossa, travelled halfway around the world and learnt a new language. He had come to escape the torment of being overshadowed by backwards thinking in a wretched and forgotten place, filled with minds concerned only with the words of their prophets and gods; only to find that here, despite being so very close to enlightenment, individuals like Ballista barred his way still.

At least he had managed to make some impression and advancement. His first creation, a tiny automaton in the shape of a man which moved on tracked wheels had been greeted with mixed reception and was quickly forgotten. But Ratchet had learned from that failure.

The Mainspring device was his finest creation yet and had met with much greater success. The simple introduction of outlawed explosives and a handful of design changes had created a powerful new weapon. He didn’t care for the protests of the old guild members whom remembered the horrors of when such materials were implemented during the Century Wars. They were short sighted, stuck in the past. Ratchet grasped at the future.

With significant backing and new power, he had manoeuvred into a position on the Guild Ball team, better so that he would be able to administer the dangerously volatile creatures first hand, rather than risk passing his knowledge on to another. Ratchet jealously guarded his secrets and didn’t trust anyone other than himself.

He would use the Mainspring to propel himself further up the ladder of advancement within the Engineer’s Guild. There would come a day when the old devices and instruments would be seen for what they were, outdated relics of a time past, along with those that hid behind them. The time was to look forward, the path of mankind at last to be wrested from secular isolationism through violent invention.

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