Production Images | Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game

Welcome back! We had a great time this weekend chasing players through the RPD Building at SteamCon US, and we’re delighted to say that several managed to survive! Thanks to everyone who came to see us at the convention and made time to hang out playing games. You made our weekend.

As promised last week, this time we’re back with a host of images from our production partners, showing your copies of Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game as they’ve been picked, assembled, and boxed.

And not just models either…

We’re sure you agree, these are very exciting to see! And we have another incoming a little further down…

Survival Horror and the Malformations of G

One mystery box that we’ve seen people talking about is the enigmatic Survival Horror expansion. At this stage we’d like to both clear up some confusion we’ve seen online about this, and to put peoples’ minds at ease.

The Survival Horror expansion is the retail name for the expansion that includes all of the non-Kickstarter exclusive stretch goals which you guys unlocked during the campaign. It includes the survivor models and cards for Ben Bertolucci, Annette Birkin, Sherry Birkin, Marvin Branagh, and Brad Vickers, as well as the PvP characters William Birkin and Brian Irons. It’s also home to the models and cards for the Giant Spiders, Ivies, and the Zombie Marvin and Zombie Brad mini-bosses. Rules for including all of these models in your games as well as Hard Mode, the Survival Horror Campaign rules, and the PvP Scenarios can be found inside a booklet included in this expansion.

Now we know that a healthy amount of you are collectors just like us, so don’t worry – each Survivor Pledge will come with a copy of Survival Horror in full retail packaging, so you’re not missing out on anything.


Next up, Malformations of G. As you guys can see from the image above… there are two boxes! Malformations of G presented backers with incredible value at Kickstarter, but when it came to retail, we wanted to revisit the expansion. Having an expansion which would likely come close to the cost of the core box wasn’t ideal – especially given that new players would also need to pick up a copy of the B-Files expansion in order to play the Birkin Stage One upgrade.

Our solution was to break up the expansion into two. This allowed us to present an affordable option for new players or backers who missed out on Malformations of G during the Kickstarter, and for these players to ensure they had the necessary expansions in order to play.

Once again, if you’re a backer who selected Malformations of G during the pledge manager, don’t worry – all backers who purchased the Malformations of G expansion will receive a copy of both Malformations of G, and Malformations of G: The B-Files. These two expansions contain exactly the same components as when the expansion existed as one box, so you’re not missing out on anything.

As gamers ourselves we’re very aware that we want Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game to arrive with you looking the same as it would if you purchased it from your local gaming store, rather than in an anonymous series of brown boxes. For us, that means including everything – from the models, cards, and tiles right down to the vacuum-formed trays and pretty boxes you’d expect.

But, of course, backers & late pledgers all have something else extra…


Until next time!