Regional Qualifiers - Gotta Catch Em All!

Coaches! All the remaining Regional Qualifiers have been finialised! It's now time to get the calendar app out and set the countdown timer. This is your time for glory! Check out ALL the events below!

Southern Ontario Open May 5–7

The next big Regional Championship on our calendar is the Southern Ontario Open, of course. How can you land a seat at this Regional Championship? Win one of Regional Qualifiers below! 

The US and Canadian stores that will host Regional Qualifiers to feed into the Southern Ontario Open Regional Championship are:

Canadian Regional Qualifiers

US Regional Qualifiers

MuseOn Con (MOM Con) May 26–28

Next up is MuseOn Con (also known as MOM Con). To secure a seat at this Regional Championship and claim glory, you won't want to miss these Qualifying Events:

Wargames Con Aug 18 - 20

*Wargames Con is the third Regional Championship that will feed into the National Championship. These regional qualifier dates and locations are subject to change pending any updates: 

NOVA Open Aug 31 - 3 Sep

Finally, the NOVA Open will host the Regional Championship in the heart of Washington DC. See the sights and delve into the history of the Nation. If you want to be in with a chance of winning glory you'll have to qualify from one of these events:

That's all folks. You now know where all the Regional Qualifiers are being held, it is up to you to go forth and claim glory on the pitch. Become the Regional Champion, then the National Champion and maybe, just maybe, the World Champion. 


*Edited March 22nd to update the location of the third regional championship to Wargames Con from Texas Games Con.

**Edited March 31st to update the dates for Pair-a-Dice and Little Shop of Magic regional qualifiers leading into Wargames Con.