Rusty Cup Event Review by Jamie Giblin

Last weekend I attended the Rusty Cup, hosted by the chaps from the Who Cares Who Wins Podcast. I planned on taking my Alchemist’s Guild that has seen recent success at the ‘Loser’s Guild’ event last month, bagging me second place. However, as the weekend drew near I fancied a change in pace and opted to take the Butcher’s Guild. I have never used the Butcher’s Guild before and fancied going for four take-outs and one goal in my games, or even six take-outs.

My tournament roster contained nine models as per the Regional Cup Document. To lead my Guild, I chose the original Season One Captain, Ox. His Character Trait The Owner is such a feared ability that I was looking forward to being on the other side of a blood fuelled butchering rather than receiving end of his axe. Ox can dish out the damage but will go down to a focused attempt so I knew I’d have to treat him like a chandelier and handle him with finesse.

Next up, I chose Truffles as my Mascot. The ability to charge for one influence thanks to Vindictive [Human] and an easy to reach KD on his playbook give the Butcher’s Guild an element of control and sets up the pain train with a DEF reduction. Truffles other traits (Tough Hide and Sturdy) also make him a tough piggy-wig to Take-Out, and with the Season 3 changes to Mascots I hoped he would cause a decision: spend resources taking him out or be on the receiving end of the rocket sausage.

The remaining players in my roster were: Boar, Meathook, Shank, Tenderiser, Brisket, Veteran Brisket, and Harry the Hat. I felt this lineup gave me access to a good amount of 2” melee models, a good football mix in case I needed to grab a goal and the power-house that is Boar to finish off any player foolish enough to leave themselves exposed.

My first game was against Oliver Visick in a Butcher’s mirror-match. Oliver chose Fillet over Ox and had Truffles as his mascot too. The blood flew in this game and neither side scored a goal all game, I was able to capitalise on Ox’s The Owner trait and could put out more damage than Fillet’s team-mates.

We both had a great game and the end result was 12-9 to myself. Ox marches on stamping his authority on the Guild. If only he’d been there to prevent the civil war…

Next up was Charles Nurser who is regular face at events and I was thrilled to see him using his Brewer’s Guild led by Esters with union support from Avarisse and Greede, her husband Mash, Friday, Spigot and Scum. This was a line-up that could easily score goals and take players out.

I chose to take Ox, Truffles, Boar, Meathook, Brisket and Harry the Hat. The intention being to get the ball to Brisket, she’s fast enough to avoid Mash and her Unpredictable Movement would keep the other ballers away from her.

The game went right down to the wire and ended 12-11 to myself. The Brewer’s took out 5 players, including the pig, whilst I was able to take out 4 players and score a goal with Brisket to seal the deal. I ended up giving Charles my Most Sporting vote, and was even happier when I saw that he won the Most Sporting award. Obviously, the loss didn’t put a dent into his cheery attitude.

**An interesting tidbit that I took away from the game was to watch out for a Tooled Up and Empowered Voice – Strength pussy cat. Ox is definitely a dog person after that mauling.

The third game of the day was on table one against a seemingly regular top table opponent, Stephen Easton. He was running a Kick Off inspired Mason’s Guild, though he chose to exchange Mallet for Tower to give himself access to Tooled Up and Defend the Ground.

The game started well with Brisket capitalising on some fast ground and bagging an early goal to give me the lead. However, this was ultimately my undoing as it gave the ball to the Masons and they had control of the game from then on.

Stephen is a very good player and was able to make strong use of the ‘Double Bubble’ of Marbles' Go Ape and Brick’s Counter Charge Character Trait to dissuade the Butchers from advancing too far. Whilst also getting good work out of a Tooled Up and Superior Strategy led Harmony to advance well up the pitch to engage Boar and put the beat down on him. The game ended 4-12 to the Masons. A well-played game by Stephen who managed to capitalise on my eagerness to score. Ox was very disappointed in the outcome of this one.

The final game of day one pitted me against Geoff Porritt’s Fishermen’s Guild led by Shark. El Classico. Shark Fish vs Ox Butchers was the Season One demo game and the match up holds a special place in my heart.

From the off I knew this would be a tough game, having used the Fishies myself I know how slippery they can be and with the player going second starting with a Momentum their counter attack game is strong. Especially against a mainly 1” melee team such as the Butchers due their ability to dodge of off the playbook.

The game opened with Shark scoring a goal and using the Knee Slider plot card to escape to safety. Unable to reach any of the slippery fish I decided to try and draw them in by holding the ball deep in my half.

Greyscales was able to position himself so that at the start of turn two he was able to nab a Tap In goal. In retaliation Ox went forward and butchered Salt who was the only player within reach. Geoff knew exactly what he was doing in this game and was able to smoothly put the ball away with Shark to seal the deal despite my best efforts to punt the ball into a seemingly remote corner of the pitch.

The game ended 1-12 to Geoff and put me on two wins and two losses at the end of day one. Ox will be looking for bloody retribution after that shocking defeat.

Day Two rolled around and I was drawn against Ed Churchman, who was championing the Hunter’s Guild. As I was out of the running for the podium and top Butcher spot I decided to take a bit of an experimental approach and took Tenderiser with the intent of playing him in the outfield and boy oh boy he was well worth the risk.

Ed and I were both very much playing for fun and experimenting with various plays that may not have been the most optimal but would provide hilarity. For instance, I was able to get Truffles within charge range of Chaska and within Tap In range of the goal for a cheeky Mascot shot. However, the dream was shattered when Chaska spotted the impending bacon missile and used Boom Box to blast him away.

The game ended 12-6 to the Butchers with no Butcher goals scored and a body count of 7.

Overall I finished the event 22nd and had an absolute blast playing a new Guild and have fallen in love with the angry little piggy wig. I'm looking forward to building a Castellyian National Team for a Homelands Cup Event for the sole reason of having Honour use Superior Strategy so that I can charge twice in a turn or have Tower use Tooled Up and Veteran Rage make the Rocket Sausage into a killing machine with My Gang and Red Fury. 

I think I'll be returning to my Brewer's Guild in the meantime, as I want to use my newly painted PintPot and Veteran Spigot. I'm not sure which event I'll be attending next so I forsee lots of practice games in my future.