Salt, The Rascal


The Fisherman’s Guild doesn’t have a strong history of bringing animals to their games, summed up once by Greyscales as the creatures ‘having no sea legs’. But the current mascot proves the exception to that, treated with great affection by the rest of the team and fans alike.

Although usually found skulking around Angel, Salt has been known as a familiar shadow to all of the Fisherman’s Guild and is about the only player on the squad that Shark seems to tolerate for any duration. In private, some of the Fisherman’s Guild suspect that this is presumably because he doesn’t have to talk to it.

Unlike some of the other animals dragged into Guild Ball, Salt isn’t a savage or bloodthirsty creature with a taste for carnage like Princess, nor a constant annoyance like the birds employed by the Mortician’s Guild. Salt harasses the opposition as they approach and then bites at their heels once a player like Shark is on them, or skulks off once Angel has made her escape too.

Salt is available as part of The Changing Tide - available to pre-order now