Salute 2017: Guild Ball Goes Feral

What's better than going to the biggest one-day wargaming event in the UK, the one-and-only Salute? Spending it with Steamforged Games, of course! To celebrate the release of the Hunter's 4-player expansion—The Heralds of the Winter's Moon—and Guild Ball Season 3, we’re going feral this month. Not only are we bringing a brand-new Theron sculpt to Salute but we're also cramming this week with heaps of Hunter goodness—Parts II & III of Theron's origin story are coming Tuesday and Thursday, while Wednesday and Friday will dig into Hunter design and tactics. But more on that later...

For now, start scrolling to see all the specials we'll be stashing at booth TD13 for Salute 2017!


Have you been eyeing a new Guild? Did the newest Union Captain, Seasoned Brisket, spark your interest in the Union? Or are you just curious to concoct some no-good chemical mayhem with the Alchemists? Well, we're proud to enable your addiction with these killer deals. We're most excited for the all-new Hunter team bundle. Why? Because why stop at coaching a bear when you can coach a bear AND a wolf! 

Here's the full list of all our Guild Bundles:

  • The Alchemist's Guild: The Lure of Gold — £50
    • Midas, Mercury, Calculus, Flask, Katalyst, Vitriol
  • The Butcher's Guild: The Bloody Master £50
    • Ox, Brisket, Boiler, Princess, Boar, Shank
  • The Engineer's Guild: The Instruments of War — £50
    • Ballista, Salvo, Velocity, Mainspring, Colossus, Ratchet
  • The Fishermen's Guild: The Changing Tide — £50
    • Shark, Angel, Siren, Salt, Kraken, Greyscales
  • The Mortician's Guild: The Puppet Master — £50
    • Obulus, Cosset, Graves, Dirge, Ghast, Silence
  • The Union: The Shadow of the Tyrant — £50
    • Blackheart, Coin, Rage, Gutter, Decimate, Avarisse & Greede
  • The Hunter's Team Bundle £60
    • Skatha, Ulfr, Seenah, Veteran Hearne, Snow, Chaska 
  • The Brewer's Team Bundle £60
    • Esters, Stoker, Mash,  Quaff, Veteran Spigot, PintPot
  • The Mason's Team Bundle £50
    • ower, Chisel, Hammer, Wrecker, Veteran Harmony, Granite


After you pick up a new Guild or two (or three—no judgements here), you’ll want to make sure you upgrade your rosters and Guild Ball gear with these limited edition specials. Our favorite? It's a tie between the brand-new limited edition Young Theron model and the Guild Ball upgrade pack. Remember, quantities are limited, so stalk our booth early to make sure you don't miss your chance to take one home!

  • Limited Edition Young Theron Model — £8.95
    • EDIT 12/4/17 - Young Theron will be available via the webstore as well.
  • Limited Edition Rage Model — £8.95
  • Limited Edition Easter Fangtooth — £13.45
  • Limited Edition Mat — £34.95
  • Kick Off!—Guild Ball's Two-Player Starter Set — £49.95
  • MuseOnMinis (MoM) Token Sets — £18
    • Alchemist's Token Set — £20
  • Guild Ball Upgrade Pack £60
    • Any two MoM token sets + a limited edition play mat
  • Guild Patches — £5.95
  • Chibi Captain Pins — £6.95
  • Guild Mugs — £8.95

After you snag your Guild Ball loot, be sure to keep your eyes out for an up-close look at Dark Souls™: The Board GameRumor has it that the core game will be out on display for Salute attendees. 

Salute-ShowFlyer-2017 (1)-page-001.jpg


When: Saturday 22, April 2017. 10:00–17:00

Where: ExCel London.

Tickets?  Click here to get your ticket to Salute now! 

Which bundle or special edition model are you most excited to see at Salute? Tell us on Facebook or our Forums! Remember to find the Steamforged Games crew at Salute and to challenge them to a game on the pitch. 

And while you wait for more feral news, be sure to read Part I of Young Theron's story now and check back tomorrow (Tuesday) for Part II. There's plenty more feral fun to come!