SteamCon 2018 - UK Dates & Venue

It’s been 4 months since the glorious weekend of SteamCon US, but it’s already time to start talking to you all about SteamCon UK! WHOOP WHOOP!

For anyone that hasn’t attended SteamCon, this is a convention which Steamforged Games run annually to show off our newest releases and generally celebrate the end of the year with all our fans. The atmosphere is fantastic and welcoming, and there’s no better opportunity to meet the creators of your favourite games!


SteamCon 2017

Last year we saw SteamCon UK (SCUK) run for the second time as well as SteamCon US (SCUS) for the first time. With around 500 attendees over both events everyone had an amazing time! Our brand-new legacy miniatures game Godtear was announced, attendees got their first chance to play Dark Souls™: The Card Game and Resident Evil 2™: The Board Game, Alex Botts was crowned as the 2017 Guild Ball World Champion, the Rookie League dominated the open play rooms of both conventions, Minor Guilds were announced, there was so much to do and see! We also gave all attendees an exclusive alternate sculpt of Skulk, the first Ratcatcher player, who was actually designed by attendees at Steamcon 2016.


So, What’s New?

We’re always looking to make our games, our events, and everything we do better each time we can. As amazing as the 2017 SteamCons were, there are ways we know we can improve our events.

Starting off with the basics, put this date in your diaries for SteamCon UK!!

SteamCon UK – November 9th, 10th, & 11th

We haven’t forgotten the Americans, more information on SteamCon US will be coming in the following weeks, but we wanted to let you guys know the SteamCon UK dates as early as we could.

Here’s a few things we’ve made bigger and better for SteamCon UK in 2018:

1) – The Venue

The 2017 venue, Victoria Warehouse, had its benefits, the space wasn’t too crowded while also not feeling too empty, the venue aesthetics were very fitting, and they had some industrial strength air ventilation. However there also wasn’t a lot more room to grow SteamCon UK further, onsite parking options were less than ideal, and the food & drink options weren’t up to the standard that we want for SteamCon.

Enter the SteamCon UK 2018 venue: Bowlers Exhibition Centre.

Bowlers Exhibition Centre addresses a lot of last year’s venue concerns. Here we have plenty of space to keep increasing the size and scale of SteamCon UK, there is onsite parking for around 800 vehicles, and there is a huge variety of onsite food and drink options.

There are also some really nice extras such as an onsite gym with shower and changing facilities (in case any of you endurance gamers need to go and freshen up!), there’s even a Star Wars themed cantina-bar where you can escape from the crowds and relax!

While there is no option for onsite accommodation, there are several hotels within a short distance of Bowlers Exhibition Centre, and for any keen shoppers it’s less than a mile from the Trafford Centre shopping complex. All in all, we’re incredibly excited about this year’s SteamCon UK venue!


2) – Ticket Sales

Ticket sales and general information all went up far too late in the year last time around. This year we’ve been a lot quicker off the mark to secure our venue & date as well as start high level planning. We are ready to launch ticketing information for SteamCon UK!

2017 Swag Box

2017 Swag Box

Early Bird Offer – £60

Attendees that purchase an early bird ticket will get a free exclusive alternate Guild Ball sculpt! (This is in addition to any we put inside the welcome box, which all attendees will get.)

Full Price Ticket - £70

The Early Bird offer will start on Thursday 15th of March at 12 noon and conclude on Thursday 12th of April at 12 noon.

We acknowledge that this is an increase in cost from previous years. However, the growth we’ve seen in the first two years of SteamCon UK has been amazing, from around 120 attendees in 2016 to around 250 in 2017, and we’re predicting a growth in attendee numbers again for this year. A significantly larger venue, more support, and a general expansion in logistics all have an attached cost. Overall, we’ve spent a lot of time working on our budgeting to ensure that we’re giving you an amazing experience for a competitive price.

3) – Schedules and Information

Similar to ticketing, we were far too slow with getting information out to you all about what kind of events were running at SteamCon last year. This year we’ll be getting full event schedules out to you before the close of the Early Bird offer!

That’s all for now, get hyped for SteamCon 2018!!