Scholar's Guild: Summer Competition

It's summer, it's hot (except in England where we've had our three warm days already), and it's time for a FORUM COMPETITIONGiven the weather, it seems like a good time of year to go for a writing challenge - why not dust off the keyboards and flex those literary aspirations while your paint is drying out too fast...

The Rules

The challenge will close at 23:59 on the 31st of July, at which point all entries should be posted up in their own threads in a folder that will appear on the forums for that very purpose in mid-July. Judging will happen over the following, being wrapped up before Gencon on the 17th August.

  • One entry per person, so pick your best if you write multiple.
  • You can post works in progress and get community feedback if you want to, they don't have to be kept secret.
  • Stories should be no more than 1000 words long, excessive length may well count against you.
  • The theme of the story should be 'the rookie' - maybe it's their first game in the minor leagues, or the week after they're accepted to the training program, whatever you come up with and whichever guild you like (although... family friendly forum, so careful with the Seamstresses guild ).
  • Entries will be judged by none other than the Magister of the Scholar's Guild, Sherwin Matthews 

The Rewards

Naturally, there's bragging rights. There's also a nice bit of prize support:

  • First Place will get a Farmers starter set box
  • Second Place will get a set of Farmer's Guild dice
  • Third Place will get a Farmer's Guild patch