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Last week on the blog we revealed the seventh of our updated Season 4 model cards, the Hunter’s Guild Snow Queen, Skatha. Today our reveals will be taking a bit of a change of pace, as we discuss some of our changes to the Falconer’s Guild in general.

Nobody Panics Because Its All “Part of the Plan”

As we mentioned in our last blog, one of the first things we did when we started the development of Season 4 was to take a look at the intended playstyle for every Guild as a whole, and then each model individually. This process helped us to identify not only which models needed to change, but also by how much and with what purpose in mind. These objectives were in addition to overall aims such as reducing complexity and tweaking game balance.

The Falconers haven’t been in the public for very long, so we haven’t had a huge amount of opportunity to collect data on them. So far, people seem to really enjoy their theme and playstyle. Positioning Harrier AOEs is a really fun little mini game that can be massively rewarding for a Falconer’s player if they get it right and Devana can have one of her more devastating activations. In terms of power level, as far as we can tell, they seem to be more or less fine.

Hunters players too seem to be really taking to the Falconers. Mataagi and Minnerva both offer really interesting additions to a Hunters line up. Through them, the Hunters have access to more punch when they need to break through more difficult enemy teams. So the questions begs, did we make any changes, and if so, why?

The answer being yes we did, but only to one player, Ikaros.

I Think We’ve Established That “Ca-Caw Ca-Caw” and “Tookie Tookie” Don’t Work

Ikaros is the main goal scoring outlet for the Falconers. With an overall threat range rivalling other strikers like Flint, Ikaros certainly has the potential to be a potent goal scorer for the Falconers. But it isn’t with Ikaros’ goal scoring game that we found a small fault.

The mini game we mentioned earlier of placing Harrier AOEs in the right places to boost Falconer damage and ultimately enabling Devana as a later activation is something that Ikaros didn’t contribute toward in Season 3. In fact, taking Ikaros and not someone like Veteran Hearne, who can help with the overall Falconer game plan with Last Light, could be viewed as a choice that actively worked against what the Falconers were trying to accomplish as a team.

This is why we decided to give Ikaros the Harrier character play as well. So that in Season 4 Ikaros can either focus on scoring goals or be another potential option for placing a Harrier AOE on the pitch. This means that in Season 4 the Falconers have four Squaddie models that all have the Harrier character play.

The only other change we made to Ikaros was to reword the character trait Updraft slightly so that Ikaros no longer treats Harrier AOEs like fast terrain. This is because Ikaros’ other character play, Taking Flight, was causing some weird interactions due to how Flying interacts with fast terrain. Instead, he just gets +2”/+2” MOV whenever he moves through a Harrier as part of an advance.

And honestly, that’s all the change for the Falconers for Season 4… or is it?…

A Wild Hunter Appears!

Speaking of Veteran Hearne, as a dual Guild model for the Hunter and Falconer Guilds, it makes a whole lot of sense to talk about him here! It is true that Veteran Hearne is starting to see play with the Falconer’s Guild, mainly because they find his 2” melee zone and Last Light incredibly useful for some added influence efficiency. However, Veteran Hearne has languished on the side-lines for quite a while in Hunter’s Guild teams, which caused us to take a second look at him. In addition, we knew that increasing Veteran Hearne’s power level a little wouldn’t push the Falconers over the top, so it seemed like a nice opportunity to give the big guy some love.

On the front of Veteran Hearne’s card, we didn’t do much. We made the push result on the first column of his playbook a momentous result, just to make Veteran Hearne’s momentum generation a little easier. Other than that, it appears that Last Light has disappeared! Don’t worry, we just changed Last Light from a character play into a character trait, since we’re removing cost 0 character plays from Guild Ball Seas 4.

Scotty, One to Beam Up

A few small changes here, and one big exciting one. Let’s get the small ones out of the way first. As we mentioned, Last Light has become a character trait, but functionally works in exactly the same way as it did in Season 3. Additionally, Light Footed seems to have disappeared. However, if you look closely at the new wording for Winter’s Blessing, you will notice that the effect of Light Footed has been added to Winter’s Blessing. In other words, Winter’s Blessing now allows Veteran Hearne to ignore the penalty for moving through rough terrain, and it actually grants him a movement bonus for moving through rough terrain too!

The super exciting change however comes with the new version of Lunar Eclipse. The original intent of Lunar Eclipse was that it would allow Veteran Hearne to teleport around the pitch like a bit of a madman. Unfortunately, we were a bit too cautious with it in Season 3, and it was just too difficult to use. In Season 4, Lunar Eclipse just requires Veteran Hearne to damage an enemy model, and if he does he can place himself anywhere within 1” of the model he damaged. So, Lunar Eclipse triggers each time Hearne makes a melee attack and chooses a playbook damage result, or even if he uses Skewered to throw his spear at someone! What’s more, Lunar Eclipse isn’t limited to being once per turn, this guy can MOVE!

In Season 4, we fully expect Veteran Hearne to be jumping all over the table knocking enemies down, spreading the snared condition with Skewered, and even scoring a few goals.

That’s all for today folks. We hope you enjoyed today’s reveal of our changes to the Falconer’s Guild. Join us next time to see the reveal of the Season 4 player card for the Veteran Siren of the Fishermen’s Guild, the Turning of the Tide.