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Well, the last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of super exciting Season 4 player card reveals! Every Major Guild has had a reveal blog dedicated to them with at least one updated Season 4 player card being shown off in each. The Ratcatchers and Falconers even got a blog post each!

Today, we’re going to crank the hype train up to a whole new level. As we said earlier this week, we’re going to be showing off the ENTIRE rest of Season 4 between now and the start of SteamCon US on the 12th of October. And we have SO MUCH to get through! But how are we going to get through all that content?

Media Outlets Assemble!

A few months ago, we decided to call on the aid of our media network program. The SFG media network is a huge group of independent podcasters, YouTubers, and bloggers who all love to help us spread the good word of Guild Ball. You probably already subscribe to a fair number of them!

What we decided to do was to offer eleven media outlets the chance to release an EXCLUSIVE reveal and review of an entire Season 4 Major Guild and any allied Minor Guild. Yes, entire Guilds at a time! How awesome is that!? So, starting on Monday 1st of October, the SFG media network will be releasing one whole-Guild review per day EVERY DAY until every Guild has had its Season 4 changes released and reviewed!

Media Outlet Review Schedule

Monday 1st of October – The Union & The OrderReviewed by the Guild Ball Tonight podcast featuring Jamie Perkins

Tuesday 2nd of October – Engineer’s GuildReviewed by S.T.F. Wargaming featuring Steve Margetson

Wednesday 3rd of October – Mason’s GuildReviewed by the Singled Out podcast featuring Bryce Johnston

Thursday 4th of October – Blacksmith’s Guild Reviewed by the Roll Better podcast featuring Jamie Perkins

Friday 5th of October – Farmer’s GuildReviewed by the Guild Ball France podcast & blog

Saturday 6th of October – Mortician’s Guild & Ratcatcher’s GuildReviewed by the Beard Minis YouTube channel & Beardpod podcast featuring Jamie Perkins & Steve Margetson

Sunday 7th of October – Hunter’s Guild & Falconer’s Guild Reviewed by the Rage Quit Wire podcast featuring Jamie Perkins

Monday 8th of October – Fishermen’s Guild & Navigator’s Guild Reviewed by the Fishy Wargaming blog featuring Bryce Johnston

Tuesday 9th of October – Brewer’s GuildReviewed by the T&G Productions YouTube channel featuring Jamie Perkins & Steve Margetson

Wednesday 10th of October – Butcher’s GuildReviewed by the Strictly the Worst podcast

Thursday 11th of October – Alchemist’s GuildReviewed by the Double Dodge podcast featuring Jamie Perkins & Jamie Giblin

How amazing is that! The next two weeks are going to be an absolute whirlwind of awesomeness and excitement in the final build up to the release of Season 4 on Saturday 13th of October.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to give an honourable mention to all the media network outlets that applied to get a Guild review but were unfortunately unsuccessful. We are truly humbled to have Guild Ball be supported by so many different podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs, all of which pour countless hours into creating amazing content for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t already subscribe to these outlets, it’s absolutely worth giving them a try. You can bet that they’ll all be releasing a tonne of content for Guild Ball Season 4 from the 13th of October onward:

If you’re a media outlet please email to discuss joining the SFG Media Network.