Season 4 | Guild Ball

We’re in the final weeks running up to the release of Guild Ball Season 4 at SteamCon US and we’re all getting pretty excited about it! Over the last few months we’ve shown off a tonne of new features including updated core rules and player cards, the super swanky Season 4 launch pack, and the naming of Guild Ball Manager as the official smartphone app of Guild Ball. Today, we’re going to talk about the final release of Season 4 on October 13th and what to expect.

Set Expectations to Stun

This weekend is going to be an incredibly busy one for Guild Ball fans around the world. Everyone will be on the hype train for the new Season’s rules and player cards, social media will be exploding with people posting pictures of their games and launch parties (remember, #GuildBallS4!), and a boatload of you will be ushering in the new Season with us at SteamCon US. But what’s going to be the best way to get your hands on the new Season’s rules? Well, you have a few options:

1. Digital Assets – we’ll be updating all our digital assets in time for Season 4 launch parties happening on Saturday 13th of October. This means that both the downloadable resources on our brand-new Guild Ball Hub, accessible from, and Guild Ball Manager will be updated with all the new Season 4 rules. So you can be ready to play Guild Ball Season 4 whether you’re attending your local launch party or welcoming in the new Season at home with friends.

Depending on where you are, you can expect our digital assets to be updated during the night of Friday 12th, or very early in the morning of Saturday 13th. The exact time will be somewhere between 10-11pm BST of Friday 12th, which will be between 4-5pm for anyone attending SteamCon US. This time has been chosen so that we can be ready for some of the earliest launch parties happening in places like Australia and New Zealand. This means that if you’re attending SteamCon US and playing in any Season 3 events, like the US Championship, either bring physical cards or don’t update your smartphone app until you’ve finished playing in the event!

2. Season 4 Launch Party – If you have the chance to, make sure you get yourself down to your local Season 4 launch party. These will be taking place at your local gaming store (or possibly in your local gaming club), so make sure to ask your local Guild Ball retailer or Pundit for information on your closest launch party. Everyone attending one of these will walk away with plenty of free swag including exclusive limited-edition Season 4 player cards, core rules quick reference cards, and Lucky models!

To see more about Season 4 launch parties and what’s in the launch pack, take a look HERE.

3. Season 4 Deck – We mentioned in a recent blog that we would be selling Season 4 Decks directly from the Steamforged store. These S4 Decks will include all the player cards for every Guild up to the Falconers, since the Navigators boxed set will include the Season 4 compatible cards. The Season 4 Deck will also be available for purchase at SteamCon US, SteamCon UK, and any convention that Steamforged Games attends in early 2019 while stocks last.

The Season 4 Deck is available to pre-order HERE. The Season 4 Deck will release on Saturday 13th of October.


There Ain’t No Party Like an SFG-Club Party

When Guild Ball Season 4 releases, we’ll be right in the middle of running SteamCon US where we’ll be hosting the biggest launch party in the world! We’ll be running casual events, competitive events, wacky format events, and there will be a TONNE of open play on offer for anyone who just wants to enjoy the new Season at their own pace.

There are still tickets available for SteamCon US, so there’s still time to snag a ticket and join the weekend long celebration of all things Guild Ball and all things Steamforged! Get your ticket for SteamCon US HERE.

Wait… No Spoilers Today?

Well… not a full player, Boiler is coming at you next week. But to keep you going in the meantime let’s take a look at some of the existing abilities that have had global changes in Season 4:

trap markers.JPG

As part of our work on the Hunter’s Guild we wanted to streamline the trap mechanics somewhat so that they’re more similar to our other marker mechanics, nest and harvest markers. So all three Hunter trappers, Chaska, Jaecar, and Veteran Minx, now have the new version of Big Game Traps. The Hunters are also the only Major Guild to gain a Guild Rule in Season 4, mainly so that we can keep the trap mechanics as simple as possible. Also, this allows us to more easily add more Hunters with trap mechanics in the future, if we want to.


A few times in our Season 4 blogs we’ve mentioned that we wanted to increase interactivity and reduce stand offish playstyles, which may seem a little odd given that we’ve spoiled numerous models with ranged knockdowns. However, we’ll let you into a little secret, we’ve increased the amount of overall condition removal mechanics in the game. We’ve also reduced the range of Blind as one of the small steps we’ve taken to reduce stand off playstyles. Tentacles, Hemlocke, Veteran Hemlocke, and Calculus all still have Blind in Season 4.


Okay we cheated on this one a little bit, Battering Ram didn’t change, but it has replaced the underused character play Ramming Speed on a number of models. So, more Guilds now have access to free pushes to use on enemy and friendly models! Jac, Stave, Wrecker, and Millstone all have Battering Ram in Season 4.


One of the things we didn’t like so much, and we found that in some cases it also affected player selection, were double-edged sword abilities that could be used by both players. The Season 3 version of Overheat is a good example. We’ve seen people specifically take out Flask just to trigger Overheat and cause huge damage to Flask’s own team. To fix this, Overheat, Noxious Death, and Foul Odour all only effect enemy models in Season 4. In Season 4 Flask and Mainspring retain Overheat, Compound, and Vileswarm retain Noxious Death, and Fangtooth and Casket still have Foul Odour.


And well, we have one final spoiler just for Brewers players. Presented without further comment…  


That’s all we have for today folks. We hope you’re all as enormously excited for the arrival of Season 4 as we are. Next week, normal service is resumed as we reveal the Season 4 card for Boiler of the Butcher’s Guild!