SFG @ BonesCon

Welcome back sports fans, today we’re going to talk about the next British convention that we’ll be attending, BonesCon! We’re super excited to be a part of this BonesCon, it’s something we’ve been looking forward to for some time now and its time to tell you all about it!

So, What is BonesCon?

BonesCon takes place in Birmingham UK from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of February. BonesCon is based on players from all systems coming together to play casual and competitive games against friends old and new. Whether you buy a three-day pass to experience the full weekend of gaming, or a one-day pass to secure a space in your chosen event, you get the same access to the show. In addition to events, each pass also gives you access to the vendor area and the board game and painting spaces. If you buy a three-day pass you will also receive a set of BonesCon 2018 dice and an event programme on arrival at the show, along with your entry badge.

There are also reduced rate rooms available through the BonesCon website. Anyone staying on site will receive bonus BonesCon swag including hotel exclusive dice, the BonesCon 2018 miniature, and also the Guildball promotional figure, Lucky.

Once you have bought your ticket, the guys at BonesCon we will get in touch to give you the link to the BonesCon event registration page. There you can select seats in the events and systems you wish to play in. Throughout the weekend, you can enter any event that has space, just by arriving in time for registration.

Want to know more? You can take a look at all this and more on the BonesCon website HERE


Godtear Alpha Testing!

That’s right, Godtear will be making one of its first ever appearances in a playable form at BonesCon! In 2018 we will be launching the Godtear Early Access Packs which allow those fortunate enough to pick one up to be a part of the playtesting and development of this brand-new game! 

At BonesCon we will have Godtear miniatures on display and ready to play with. Take a seat, learn how to play the alpha rules for Godtear under the guidance of members of the Steamforged Games Development Team. Once you’ve got the hang of it you can play as many games as you like and help us shape the future of Godtear!

Godtear - header.jpg

Guild Ball!

We’ve got a variety of Guild Ball activities and events for you to take part in at BonesCon. Firstly, we are proud to announce that the immensely popular Rookie League that debuted for the first time recently at SteamCon UK will be making another appearance for BonesCon! If you missed out on our original blog explaining the Rookie League you can find it HERE. In short, through playing casual games of Guild Ball you will be able to ‘level up’ your chosen player from a rookie all the way up to the level of a superstar that strikes fear into opposing teams! Not only that, but each rookie is customisable meaning you get to build your rookie the way you want to build them!

Perhaps casual play isn’t your thing and you prefer a more competitive setting? We’ve got you covered! It all kicks off on Friday the 16th of February with a Regional Cup. The Regional Cup is the standard Organised Play format that we recommend when a tournament organiser is looking to host a Guild Ball event. Take this opportunity to try out all your new models. Bring your team, bring your cards, and bring on the games!

Looking for something a bit different? How about the Snake Draft? Ever wonder what it would be like to make a team using players from EVERY Guild in Guild Ball? Well now you can! In this event, you will be able to draft a team of players drawn from any Guild before playing in a Regional Cup with your newly created team. We even supply the models for you to use!

We jump right back into things on Saturday the 17th of February with another Regional Cup, before kicking off another alternative format event in the form of a Homelands Cup. In the Homeland Cup, coaches assemble their team rosters based on their models’ homeland, not Guild affiliation. Will you choose to lead the ferocious Skaldic nation, the hot-blooded Castellyians, the cunning Erskirii, or the devious Raed to victory? One thing’s for sure, this is an event like no other.

Finally, on Sunday 18th of February we will be hosting one of the old favourites, Speed Ball! Speed Ball is the quickest, dirtiest game of Guild Ball you’ve ever seen. It isn’t enough to just win, you have to win fast. Speed Ball’s like Guild Ball after a double expresso, it’s something quick, frantic, and beautiful all on its own.

But I want to buy things!

Along with running all these events the Steamforged Store will be set up in the vendor hall for you to brows through at your leisure. Did I say leisure? I meant with all the excitement you can muster! This will be your last opportunity to get your hands on a pre-release copy of the brand-new Blacksmiths Guild team box, Master Crafted Arsenal. You can pick up your brand-new plastic team and use them straight away in any of our Guild Ball events! Along with a variety of our other fantastic products you will find:

  • The Farmers Guild: The Old Father’s Harvest
  • The Blacksmiths Guild: Master Crafted Arsenal
  • Limited Edition Sculpts
  • Guild Ball Chibi Pins
  • Dark Souls™: The Board Game
  • Exclusive Show Deals 

Okay, I’m In! Where Can I get a Ticket?

The guys at BonesCon have done an amazing job here of giving you a few options of how to enjoy your weekend experience. As mentioned above, you have the option of a one-day or a three-day pass, but there is also the option to stay onsite at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. Guests staying onsite each get a free swag bag containing some pretty sweet stuff including the much sought-after Lucky model that plays for both the Brewers Guild and the Masons Guild. 



One-Day Pass = £20
Three-day pass = £50

One and three-day passes can be bought here: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/bonescon/feed

Onsite Single Room - £80 per night
Onsite Twin Room - £100 per night

Onsite hotel rooms can be booked here: http://eventsathilton.com/show/59b29d9f25ff7a318efd77ac

Thank You For Supporting Us!

One final thing to add about BonesCon, although it extends to everything Steamforged related in the South East of England. We want to give to a huge thank you to the Mid Kent Guild Ball Association for being a driving force for the Guild Ball community. These guys have been running a variety of popular Guild Ball events in the South East for a while now and have been key in our preparations for BonesCon.

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned to hear even more about Steamforged Games at BonesCon and all the other shows that we’ll be attending in 2018!