Shank, Master Cutter

Season One Story

Shank started out in life in an inner-city slum with few more enticing prospects than joining one of the many dangerous gangs there and a violent death. He was a street rat with no education or money; his only possessions the pride that came from enforcing respect in his peers by violence and a dangerous talent with his knives.

Shank is a man with a dark past. You could call him a common thug, a thief, a murderer and more and still yet fall short. Shank has forgotten all of the names he’s been called, the same way he couldn’t tell you all of the names of his victims. The Master Cutter is gutter scum and he doesn’t care. To Shank, a Guild Ball team is essentially a gang, on a much larger scale and that pays much better. What else is there?

Top Tip

The Vice Captain of the Butchers Guild has a very reliable damage output, at TAC 6 and with 2 Momentous Damage on 2 net hits he is brilliant at finishing off already damaged targets. If you keep him near Ox then this will increase to 3 Momentous Damage on just 2 hits!