Shark, Fang of the Sea


Hailing from Eisnor, far to the northern fringes of the Empire of the Free Cities, the man that they call the Fang of the Sea is an atypical Fisherman’s Guild player. A loner by nature, Shark is adept at patiently hunting his prey, a calm and deadly predator. In a team like the Fisherman side, with their emphasis on playmakers over the brutal stalkers found more commonly on the other more physical teams, he is the only one of his kind. This interests Shark little, in the same sense that he doesn’t acknowledge that people whisper that he might be one of the hottest talents in the game right now. Shark is not in the game to feed his ego.

Unusual maybe, but not when considering his relatively new promotion to the captaincy; one that is a product of internal politicking within the Fisherman’s Guild more than anything else.

Shark feels the heavy weight of responsibility of being captain upon him and is far more interested in the guild’s success than his own personal glory. His background is of being part of a tight knit crew and long experience has taught him that the extent of what a dedicated and focused team can achieve is far beyond that of the individual.

It is ironic then that he is far more suited to playing alone and away from the others than with them in a directly supportive capacity. A blunt man feeling acutely isolated from his team-mates, undoubtedly the most significant barrier to his sense of inclusion is his ethnicity and the inevitable language barrier between him and the rest of the squad. Being unable to communicate with his peers as easily or fluently as his position demands, his orders are curt, clipped, practised and to the other players’ ears, tired clichés which are occasionally entirely ignored.

It is fortuitous then that the presence of Greyscales goes some way to alleviating this situation, the Vice-Captain being able to offer his wealth of knowledge to the players when Shark’s less than inspiring oratory falls flat. A less composed man in the position of captaincy might feel threatened by this, but for the Fang of the Sea, the synergy is foremost a cause for relief.

Greyscales effectively makes up for the gaps in Shark’s own leadership and nods thoughtfully when Shark confides in the elder that the captains badge is one that he is unsure that he even wants at all. Despite this, the wily veteran sincerely hopes to build Shark, the brutal player that is often more like a Butcher than a Fisherman, into the captain that he knows his team needs.

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