Silence, The Thorn Within


The man known as Silence. The sycophant. The calm, rational figure in the eye of the storm that is the unpredictable, deviant Mortician’s Guild. The quiet enforcer of Obulus’ will throughout the guild. Dependable, consistent, loyal. The trusted lieutenant.

The traitor.

Silence has aspirations and is not content to wait for his chance to become the team captain of the Mortician’s Guild through fate alone. Ever vigilant for any sort of advantage that he might be able to exploit, the Vice-Captain bides his time and plays the devoted soldier for now. Inside, he seethes at the rest of the roster. All of them disgust him. What Obulus has let the Mortician’s Guild team become is an embarrassing carnival of irrational, monstrous liabilities. When Silence’s inevitable rise to power is at last realised, it is unlikely that he will welcome even one of them to return to the team.

But remove the monstrosities and Silence can see the potential for the Mortician’s Guild, for he alone it seems understands the problem that holds them back; the rotting misery of stagnant tradition, the institutional inability to look forward. Silence knows that he will likely have to effect great changes, but that they are all achievable in what he understands as his manifest destiny, to make the Mortician’s Guild the most powerful Guild Ball team in the Empire of the Free Cities.

Unbeknown to Silence, Obulus is not blind to this. It amuses the Ferryman to watch Silence’s knee scraping efforts, to watch the man purposefully humiliate himself. Obulus is far wiser than Silence about the truth behind the guild and how Silence’s childlike naivety shows his utter incomprehension of reality. In truth, Silence is a much more useful tool to Obulus at present as he is, which is why the Ferryman allows his Vice-Captain to keep his place. And if ever Silence’s insubordination were to grow tiresome, or his hand were to be forced, then Obulus would have no reluctance in terminating the Thorn Within at once.

Silence is available to order as part of the Master of Puppets – released July 21st