Spring Cleaning: Guild Ball Resource Update 

Spring has already ushered in the Easter glory of a festive Fangtooth, and now we’re sprucing up the resources section. It’s hard to believe Season 3 debuted in November, especially given the explosive growth we’ve seen from coaches across the world. With all the new coaches joining the game, our community has done an amazing job asking important questions about the new season. 

To address some common questions and clarify some rules language, we’re releasing a public FAQ and Errata for Guild Ball Season 3. There are no balance changes in this errata—it’s just an update to clarify some rules language and tidy up some grammar. 

We also updated our online resources for Season 1 & 2, so you can continue to use them in your Season 3 matches! What kind of updates are we talking? Well, some of the core rules changes in Season 3 made some Big League and Season 1 and 2 Plot Cards not so relevant. For example, the Plot Card that let your Mascot return with 1 health. Mascots return with half their health in Season 3, so we’ve updated it accordingly. 

To read the FAQ, Errata, and download the updated resources, go to steamforged.com/resources now. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in this official thread on our forums. Most importantly, don’t forget to find a local game store near you to meet up with local coaches and put these resources to work on the Pitch!


We’ll be back with more Guild Ball tomorrow!