SteamCon Round Up

SteamCon Season is over! We’ve had an absolute blast meeting our fans on both sides of the Atlantic! We hope you had a great time rolling dice, playing games and meeting other gamers who all share a love of all things SFG. Want to know more about the next SteamCon?


We revealed a lot during the Key Note speeches: our new game Godtear will be launching an Early Access pack on January 29th, Guild Ball will be receiving 11 new Guilds in the form of Minor Guilds, SFG Innovations will launch a variety of new games, and PrintMakr is now available to use!


For you Guild Ball coaches out there we revealed the Ratcatcher, Solthecian & Falconer Minor Guilds, and in true Mat Hart style during the closing ceremony of SteamCon USA we managed to cryptically announce four more! Were you paying close attention?

The Guild Ball World Championship was won by Alex Botts! Alex truly ran the gauntlet; qualifying for US Nationals via the Last Chance Qualifier on Friday, winning the US Nationals on Saturday and then finally going the whole nine yards and winning the World Championship! You can listen to Alex on Strictly the Worst Podcast (though a name change is probably in order), all streamed games from SteamCon USA are also available on Alex’s co-host, Vincent Curkov’s YouTube Channel. The streamed games from SteamCon UK will be uploaded to the SFG YouTube Channel. We’ll be announcing the 2018 Tournament Circuit in due course, so if you think you can topple Alex next year then start practicing now.


We demoed Godtear at both Cons under the guise of ‘Super Secret Squirrel’ and it went down an absolute storm! During one demo at SteamCon US we had thirty people crowding round Sherwin’s table just to get a glimpse!! Join us on the Godtear Facebook Page to learn more about the Champions and sign up for Early Access!


We can’t wait to see you all again soon at a future Convention, Tournament or Event!