SteamCon UK: GET HYPED!!

15 DAYS 32.jpg

There is just over two weeks until we welcome you to the Victoria Warehouse in our home city of Manchester. We can't wait to finally get the show under way!! To get your mouth watering we'll give you a taste of just a few items to expect in your SteamCon Swag Bag... 

At SteamCon 2016 the community designed Skulk - available in EVERY swag bag!

Tapper donated coasters from his personal collection, we added them to the swag! 

Keep your eyes peeled for even more swag to be revealed! 

Shadow Games at SteamCon UK

Sign up for the Shadow Games Events on the weekend, complete two games and you'll receive some Alternate Art Avarisse & Greede cards for use in your games of Guild Ball...and yes, they are the post-errata cards.  


SteamCon USA - Where is the Schedule?

Due to changing circumstances we have had to reconfirm which of the Steamforged Team will be able to attend the event, which has changed the schedule. This has now been finalised and we hope to have the new schedule out in the coming days. Apologies for our lack of communication on this, but we'll be keeping you in the loop on how everything is progressing via Blog posts & emails.