SteamCon UK Round-up


SteamCon UK is over! It's taken a full day in bed to recover but we're back at SFG Blog HQ now and ready to party on into SteamCon USA. 

Reminder: If you took part in the 'Sculpt Your Own Guild Ball' please email us via and Russ/Ben will get you your file sent over next week.

If you weren't able to attend SteamCon UK then you can check out the incredible Event Coverage that Az & Justin put in from Beasts of War! 

Event Highlights

  • SFG announce New Game - Godtear
    • Like the Facebook Page to stay up to date with any new announcements and get Early Access! Tap the image below to like the page.
  • New Resident Evil Scenario
    • Fans were able to test out their ability to survive in Raccoon City and make their way to the S.T.A.R.S Office.
  • Unveiling of Dark Souls™ - The Card Game
    • For the first time ever attendees were able to play Dark Souls™ - The Card Game - Az, from Beasts of War, recorded his play through with SFG Game Developer Bryce.
  • Anor Londo Showdown
    • A gruelling challenge in which four pre-built characters must take on Ornstein & Smough. The team who dealt the most damage won a painted copy of the fearsome duo.
  • Guild Ball World Championship Qualifier
    • Henry Kay won the event, and the British Championship Qualifier (can he be stopped!!) But, sadly, is unable to attend SteamCon USA, his spot at the World Championship passes to Charles Nurser Charles Nurser.
  • SFG Innovations & Printmakr
    • Two new arms of the business sprout! Printmakr allows customers to have their files 3D printed to the highest industry standard. Whilst SFG Innovations will publish games that don't fit the main brand of Steamforged Games.
  • Union in Chains - Final Results
    • The Final Reckoning at SteamCon UK saw the end of the Union in Chains!
      • The Brewer's Guild took Veteran Decimate
      • The Engineer's Guild took Veteran Harry the Hat
      • The Butcher's Guild took Veteran Gutter
    • The stories for each of these characters will be revealed this week!

SteamCon USA


We'll be doing it all again very soon at SteamCon USA! With more announcements and reveals to be made! The 2018 Guild Ball World Champion will be found!!