SteamCon USA! Updates & Announcements


Firstly, for those not attending: Strictly the Worst Podcast will be live-streaming the Guild Ball Events via their YouTube Channel! Whilst ‘Team Stream’ won’t be there, we’re still sending Giblin to help lower the level of commentary.


After looking at the event participation and feedback from SteamCon UK we’ve decided to slightly revise the SteamCon US schedule. We appreciate this is late in the day, but we’re confident you’ll be happy with the changes.

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons Russ Charles, sculptor extraordinaire, is unable to attend. As a result, we have had to remove his Seminars. This was unavoidable, and we apologise for any upset caused. Russ will, however, be making a render for the model that you guys design in the ‘Design a Veteran Model’ seminar. We are currently unsure if that will be finished during the weekend of SteamCon US, but we will keep you guys updated.



Due to the incredible popularity of the Rookie League, we have removed the ‘Guild Identities Regional Cup’ and ‘Farmer’s Launch Event’ and instead increased the Open Play Space to allow more time to grow your Rookies via the Rookie League, and earn yourself more swag.



This is one we’re particularly excited for! ‘Sculpting a Veteran’ has been replaced by the enormously popular ‘Secret Squirrel’ which is a chance to experience some of our upcoming games, introduced to you by Creative Director Mat Hart himself! This will be a first-come-first-served experience so be sure to get yourself registered at the Event Organiser’s Desk!

We’re also pleased to confirm that there will be a SteamCon US Pundit party. This will be our chance to show our appreciation for all your hard work, and maybe even show a few more sneak peeks!



Another chance to experience ‘Secret Squirrel’ has been added! We have removed the ‘Blacksmith’s Launch Event’ and ‘Shadow Games Tournament’ to give more space to experience the Rookie League in the Open Play area!

One final note, however. Even though we have removed events from the schedule, such as launch events, we will be bringing additional Organised Play Packs and Launch Event Kits with us in case a group wishes to run any ad hoc events or scrambles off their own back. These will be available from the Event Organiser’s Desk.

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to finally get SteamCon USA underway, show of the future of SFG, and find our new Guild Ball World Champion! See you all in Chicago!