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Hello Sport's Fans! Today on the blog we're going to be handing the limelight over to the Steamforged Community and show off the content they have created. Be sure to go to their platform and support them however you can. We love scouting out fresh and interesting content, if you produce any Steamforged Games related media get in touch with us via

Dark Souls™ - The Board Game

Let's start this off by showing some cool photos of the miniatues amd painted minis sent into the mailbox via you, the community! Have you painted your Dark Souls™ - The Board Game? Send pictures into

Thank you for your submissions! Unfortunately we couldn't show them all, make sure you include your name/channel etc so we can credit you!! Next up lets take a look over to YouTube and check out the latest video content, grab a brew and some popcorn and settle yourself down.

ICYMI: Geek and Sundry recently hosted a playthrough of Dark Souls™ - The Board Game on their YouTube Channel.

The Beasts of War were joined by Steamforged Games' Jamie and Alex to unbox Dark Souls™ - The Board Game.

Hot Gates Gaming has begun a series showing how he has painted the Dark Souls™ - The Board Game miniatures.

Guild Ball

WOW! There is a lot of amazing content on YouTube for Guild Ball - subscribe to them all for regular videos. More than you can probably watch! I certainly struggled and it's my job to stay on top of it all!!

Join T&G Productions as they settle a grudge match between Fillet & Skatha.

The Battlehammer taken on Tom from T&G Productions in an exhbition match!

Join Vincent and Alex (Strictly The Worst Podcast) as they discuss Smoke vs Ox. 

Guerrilla Miniature Games - Ash Barker paints Guild Ball!

Bigmeks Workshops teaches us how to paint Locus.

Mark Hulmes discusses Furnace, Master Blacksmith.

Next up we'll be listening to your dulcet tones as we hand the mic over to Podcasts that focus on, or feature, Guild Ball. Click the image to visit their page.