Butcher's Guild

Brisket, Loveable Meat

Season One Story

One of the game’s few second-generation stars, Brisket was always going to be a Butcher, right from birth. Her mother was a low-ranking official at the guild, and her father a highly regarded Guild Ball player, a relationship not entirely approved by either the guild or the Guild Ball team itself. Whilst her parents might well have walked a fine line of condemnation and grudging acceptance, Brisket has always been a welcome member of both bodies. Even a man as bluntly unaffectionate as the Ox grudgingly regards her as a ‘good girl’ and one of his boys and she is a huge hit with the fans; most of whom would sell their own family for the chance to spend any time with her.

Touted as one of the most desirable players in Guild Ball history, for many, the juxtaposition of such a comely woman on such a savage team seems entirely at odds; until they spend any time with her. Stubborn, hard, cantankerous and spiteful, no one crosses Brisket and lives to tell the tale. Quite to the contrary of what one might expect, this low cunning and her vicious nature doesn’t seem to play as detrimental with anyone.

Harsh though she may be and as unconcerned with the rules as any other Butcher’s Guild player, Brisket has the unique place in the team that she represents the only individual that actually cares to play Guild Ball the traditional way, by scoring goals instead of simply brutally bludgeoning her path to victory. The guilds highest goal-scorer for decades now, she attracts more attention from the opposition with each match, the most foolish of whom likely see her as a soft touch compared to the other members of the squad.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by her team-mates, but if some of them consider her as the weakest link in their line up, it doesn’t show in the way that they treat her, always one of the pack. Brisket is one of the gang, as much as the Boar or Shank. Fortunately for her, Brisket rarely lacks protection on or off the field; for a team with as indebted a fraternity to each other as the Butchers, to mess with one of them is to pick a fight with all of them.

And no one wants to bring that pain down on their heads.

Top Tip

Brisket has always been a goal scoring machine, and before the Butcher's Civil War kicked off, that was her sole purpose in the Butcher's Guild. With Unpredictable Movement and Charmed [Male] Brisket is able to keep the ball safe, with Super Shot and an impressive KICK stat of 3/8" she is able to threaten the goal from 18". A perfect way to round out a game of Guild Ball, coupled with 4 Take-Outs. 

Boar, The Beast

Season One Story

“You can tell that the Boar is mad. It’s in the deranged bastard’s eyes and that grin. You hear everyone mouth off about how mean their big guy is, about how he’s unstoppable and how he’s going to waste anyone in front of him. The Butchers don’t do that. They don’t need to. Everyone is already scared of the monster that is Boar. I think half of the Butchers don’t care to draw his attention to them much neither. When his blood is up, I don’t think he much cares who you are, friend or foe.

I mean, how could you have such a player on the squad? Someone so self destructive? The Butchers don’t seem to mind. It’s because they know how to lead him into what he does best; just aim him at the opposition and watch him go. Who gives a shit about whether the man can string a sentence together without foaming at the mouth, when he’s busy crippling some poor bastard too stupid to know to just run away when he saw him coming?” - Flint, Mason’s Guild Vice Captain

Boar knows that they say these things. He knows that anyone he’s ever shared the pitch with avoids him and after games, how only the Ox wants anything to do with him. He respects the man for that, knows that the Master Butcher is a hard man in his own right, worthy of Boar’s loyalty; or as much as he has, anyway. But for the rest, Boar doesn’t care what they think.

Boar doesn’t even really care about Guild Ball. If Boar didn’t play Guild Ball, then he’d have been executed long since for murder, or killed fighting in some far off place, under a flag he couldn’t care less about. The crowds might roar his name, cheer when he does it in front of them, but few dare to entertain the real truth for it is too dark to consider. Guild Ball gives Boar a legitimate reason to do what he does best, what he lives for. The thrill of spilling blood, of when you feel your fists smash into someone’s face, the savage glee of wringing the life out of a man by his throat and the look on their face when they see their fate come upon them. Brutal and vicious violence drive the Boar and nothing else.

Yes, Boar knows that he is mad too. And he doesn’t care, as long he can carry on living his life one bloody victim after another.

Top Tip

Boar has an incredible damage output, and is very efficient at what he does. He is Furious so can Charge for free, he is Bezerk so makes a free Attack if he causes damage. With TAC 8 and DMG all along the playbook Boar will likely Take-Out his target. Just make sure you keep him safe and unleash him when the time is right.